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Is It Over Now? The Top 5 Marketing Campaigns of 2023

What marketing blew us away this year? From larger-than-life digital boards to simple yet poignant copywriting, the marketing in 2023 was truly whipped up by masterminds. Here are our top 5 marketing campaigns this year. 

Barbie Movie

You gotta spend money to make money rings true. Especially for the “Barbie” movie. With a mix of commercials, social media, and out-of-home marketing, the Barbie team made sure this movie was everywhere. They worked with over 100 other brands to create partnership ads. Summer 2023 you could not avoid Barbie pink. The results? A stunning $1.36 billion gross globally. This Barbie is impressed. 

Barbie World Shines Bright in Out of Home 


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NFL 2023 Kickoff

What should you do when the conspiracy theorists go after you? Have some fun. That’s exactly what the NFL is doing in 2023. Their 2023 Kickoff campaign takes the idea that the entire football season is scripted and runs with it. Using famous athletes and actors, this campaign is fun, silly, and has people coming back to it after each week progresses. We’d personally love to see a new video featuring Travis Kelce being yelled at for going off script and him arguing it has lifted ratings.

Heinz Vodka Pasta Sauce

For years, the Absolut bottle campaign has been the cream of the crop in the minds of marketers. Playing off a viral vodka sauce recipe, Heinz teamed up with Absolut Vodka to create their own take on the trending topping. To market it without creating too much brand confusion, the creative team pulled from the storied Absolut look and incorporated the sauce, dare we say it, tastefully.  

Heinz x Absolut

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British Airways | A British Original

Copywriters rejoice! The British Airways “A British Original” campaign lets the copy shine. This travel campaign highlights all the reasons we choose to travel. It’s simple, concise, and very very clever. The campaign won award after award in the advertising world. 

The Taylor Swift Marketing Machine

Whether you’re a Swifite or not, you have to admit she’s darn good at marketing herself. 2023 was Swift’s year with a huge concert tour, best selling albums, and priceless PR every other week. The secret? Focusing on the fans. Taylor Swift makes it bigger than the music, by connecting with fans on social media and dropping easter eggs and clues for fans to solve about upcoming announcements. It keeps the fans engaged and on their toes for her next move.

Who Are You Rooting For?

Those are our picks, now we want to hear yours. Do you agree with our list or have different suggestions? 

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