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Top 5 Holiday Ads of 2019

Tis the day of the night before Christmas, and it’s time to tackle one of the hardest questions of the year: what were the best holiday ads of the year? So grab the egg nog, some holiday cookies, and enjoy these ads that strike the perfect balance of Christmas cheer and marketing strategy.

1. The Small Things
A great holiday ad doesn’t need a million dollar price tag. All it takes is the right story with its heart in the right place. This video from small business Hafod Hardware is perfect in its simplicity. Plus, with a budget of only $130 and over millions of views, it’s a feel-good content creation story. 

2. A Wonderful Surprise
This ad from Ikea is so fun! It’s an unexpected twist on a holiday ad and is catchy to boot. We applaud the creativity and tiny details that went into bringing this to life. 






3. All the Feels
With heart-pulling stories all the rage during the holiday season, it can be difficult to create an ad that feels heartfelt. This one gets it right, not pushing too hard but still feeling warm and fuzzy.






4. The Gift of Humor
This ad shines a light on a truth: holiday shopping gets earlier and earlier every year. It pokes fun at this concept but also gets you excited about holiday shopping. Nice job!

5. Turning Bad Press into Good Press 
It’s crazy to think that this ad for Aviation Gin came together in only a few days. While most of our other contenders took months of planning, shooting, and editing, this video was inspired by the bad press surrounding the Peloton holiday ad. Ryan Reynolds saw an opportunity and hired “Peloton Mom” to star in this now infamous ad.

Well, that’s our list. Do you agree or disagree?
Feel free to leave comments below with your top 5 or any holiday ad goodies that we missed.