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The Power of Play Philosophy

You’ve might have noticed our “powered by play” tagline over years. What does it mean? 

Whenever we meet fellow creatives or new clients, we’re often asked about our “Powered by Play” tagline. What does it mean? How does it impact our work? Although it sounds simple, the meaning behind these three little words holds great meaning and adds that little “extra” to everything we touch. If you’re someone always seeking to improve and expand your cognitive creativity, we recommend you keep reading. We’re going to break down our methodology and its benefits. Let’s get started.

We see the value in play. 

At Creative Arcade, we believe in the power of play. People want to get from a to b with the quickest route possible. But the best ideas are not found following a single direction. True creativity and original ideas come about when you embrace the play framework. Let curiosity take over. Ponder different directions, try something, step back and pore over the results. Not satisfied? Pivot the direction and try something else. There are no wrong answers, just a journey to the right answer.

Play = Experimentation 

Trial and error. Tinker. Try. These are the synthesis of play. It is flexible problem solving that embraces discovery while keeping in mind the bigger picture.

Play is powerful. 

This value is threefold. First, it’s a mindset. Some play the game to win, we play the game with a bigger vision: be better than we were the last time. Every time we come together, our team aims to outdo themselves. When we improve, our clients benefit. When we grow, they grow.

Secondly, play is a lifestyle. Creativity cannot be forced. It is inspired by passion, continual learning, and happiness. That’s why we give ourselves time to look away from our emails and explore the things that fascinate us. This meeting of the minds connects our team members and our neurons. We’re not afraid to take time to follow our passions and understand that everything that gives us energy benefits our work. We promote this play in and outside the office.

Thirdly, play is experimentation. It’s asking “What if?” and “Why can’t we do it this way?” Using the mind frame of play, you push the standard constructs of creativity. It drives deeper exploration of ideas and eradicates “that’s the way it’s always been done” thinking. We think Einstein put it best:

“Play is the highest form of research.” 

Research is the root of all great work. When you fully immerse yourself in the problem, the product, the place, and people, you’re able to build better solutions. You’ll create clearer communications. You won’t just accomplish your end goal, you’ll surpass it. A great idea can kick off years of growth and storytelling that drive your purpose further.

Why should you care?

You should enjoy the creative process. Approaching it with the play methodology does this. How? First, it produces a better end product. Making you and your audience happy. Secondly, it invites you to embrace your creativity and push what’s possible. Third, a large part of the play philosophy is working together. To us, that means listening, always being transparent with where we are in the process, and answering when you call.

While this whole mindset may feel complex, it’s really simple.

Play = purposeful experimentation

Play = working together

Play = better solutions

Fascinated by this concept? Let’s keep the conversation going and how it can make your brand stand out against the competition. All it takes is a simple hello.