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The Long and Short of It: Why Longer Short-Form Videos Make Marketing Sense

“Make the video shorter! No one has an attention span these days!”

You may have heard this refrain once or twice these days. Yes, short videos can lead to successful results for your business – but don’t underestimate longer short-form videos. They can be your marketing heavyweight. Let’s show you how one video can have longevity for years to come. 

What Are Short-Form Videos?

A short-form video is any video less than 10 minutes in length and long-form is, you guessed it,  any video that’s longer than 10 minutes. As you scroll Instagram and TikTok, you’ll be met with seconds-long videos that are racking up the views. Why would we recommend adding the long game to your marketing strategy? Let’s break it down with these four reasons. 

In-Depth Content
While short videos are great for quick tips and teasers, longer short-form videos allow you to dive deeper and give more context. You can provide more comprehensive insights, information, and examples, providing the full story your audience is after. 

Engaging the Right Audience
In a study conducted in 2022, 85% of people were more inclined to purchase after watching an informational video. Although you may not get as many views on a longer video, you’ll be getting the right views from the right audience. 

Increased Shareability
If people find your info useful, they’ll share it. That means your longer video packed with relevant topics will go farther for you than a quick snippet video. 

Repurposing Potential
We’re not against 15-second long videos at all. They are super important to your video strategy these days. But creating a long video first gives you loads of footage to play with. You can make an in-depth, several-minute long video – and a ton of shorter videos that highlight facets of your business and brand. 

We did exactly this for the Carlton-Cook-Lake-St. Louis County Community Health Board (CHB). They needed help promoting their Family Home Visiting services. We spent multiple days shooting interviews and b-roll in multiple locations. The results were a seven-minute video explaining everything about the program. We made this five years ago but are still taking that footage and editing it into small videos they use across their social media platforms and TV and streaming stations. 

Tips for Creating Effective Longer Short-Form Videos
How do you get the most out of your videos? Follow these steps. 

Plan Well
Make an outline for your video, ensuring it has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Don’t be afraid to overshoot footage or capture unplanned content. This gives you plenty to work with in the future. 

Have a Hook
While you have more time, make sure to grab your viewers’ attention in the first few seconds to keep them engaged.

Use Good Equipment
Hire a professional or invest in high-quality video and audio to heighten professionalism.

Promote Action
Encourage viewers to like, comment, share, and subscribe to your content.

Keep It Quick
Even though it’s longer, avoid unnecessary fluff – keep your content concise and engaging.

Play the Long Game
Longer short-form videos offer a fresh and effective way to connect with your audience, convey important information, and keep viewers engaged. While short-form videos are here to stay, embracing their longer counterparts can give your marketing strategy an edge – and provide content for years to come.