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The 8Bit Podcast Episode 12 – Website Change


On the 8Bit Podcast Episode 12, we, once again, discuss change. This time a good discussion about changing one’s website. The reasons why and when it makes sense and also when it does not. Some of the reasons that we touch on are:

  1. Website is not responsive/mobile friendly.
  2. Current usability and the user experience is not good.
  3. Not easy to update or no content management system (CMS)
  4. Lack of or a change to the website content strategy.
  5. Site should not have a business card mentality – create a lead generator.
  6. A brand identity change.
  7. Your competitors have made a change and get it….and you don’t.
  8. Your analytics says you should: bounce rate, bad page rank, etc.
  9. You have a desire to add e-commerce.
  10. You have many third party softwares running and bringing it in-line.
  11. You may need an intranet or internal audience have needs beyond your current site.
  12. Site vulnerabilities – staying ahead of hacks to the website.