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The 8Bit Podcast – Episode 031

In this episode of the 8Bit Podcast, we introduce our new copywriter, Talyn Riedesel. During a “Talyn Takeover”, she explains the difference between Voice and Tone when it comes to branding copy. She also talks about her year traveling abroad in Europe, Thailand and New Zealand. This episode has it all and sets the table for many upcoming podcasts to come including more “Talyn Takeovers”.




Speaker 1: 00:14 [inaudible]

Phil: 00:23 I watched the first episode with my family last night and was it as good as they had get up to do. Pretty good. That’s pretty good. I like it so far. Right. Hi. Hello. Welcome to the eight bit podcast number 31. Alright. And I’m a 31. Uh, last podcast we introduced our interns, uh, summer interns, the three Sam, Josh and Sarah. Well, they have flown the coop now and our, um, is that the right phrase to use on the [inaudible] anyway, they’re back doing their normal stuff. Go into school, yeah. In the school, things like that. So, so today we have another new face. Um, who are you?

Talyn: 01:11 I’m Taylor Riedesel. I’m the new copywriter. It’s my fourth day. Super excited to be here.

Phil: 01:20 Fourth Day. First podcast. Yes. Okay, so tell the world about yourself.

Talyn: 01:26 Oh, okay. So I went to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, um, got a degree in communications and journalism. And then I spent five years at some creative, which is another agency in Duluth. Um, and then I left for a year and was traveling and then I came back.

Phil: 01:45 Where did you go for a year?

Talyn: 01:47 Ah, I went a bit of everywhere. I did Europe for two months and then I did New Zealand for three months and then I just backpacked a bit around Thailand and Australia. [inaudible]

Phil: 02:00 can you couldn’t wait to get back to an agency or you ran out of money? Can I say both? Yes, he can. Okay.

Talyn: 02:07 Okay. Cause I do, I love this line of work. I love it. But I would definitely still be doing that if I was married to a celebrity. We had lots of notes, so

Phil: 02:19 me too. [inaudible] favorite place you went. Oh, New Zealand. That’s right. You said that favorite food. Oh, surprise to me the other day

Talyn: 02:29 I said Margarita Pizza, but in Naples where like it was made.

Phil: 02:33 Yeah, I’m sure it’s awesome. Just amazed me that of all the food you probably tried that was your favorite. No craziest food you tried.

Talyn: 02:41 Uh, there was a weird salad in Thailand that was super spicy. I don’t remember it was called, but I remember we all were like chugging water after it.

Phil: 02:50 Any exotic things like any exotic animals that you ate or no

Talyn: 02:55 exotic in Thailand or not? Thailand is in New Zealand. Was lamb it lots of lamb. Uh, what else? Uh, I’m trying,

Speaker 4: 03:03 I think weird food. Weird alcohols. Who Stuff? Food.

Phil: 03:09 Who are the nicest people you met?

Talyn: 03:12 Oh my gosh. Uh, coming to mind, I met three British people from, well from Britain and they kind of adopted me for a couple of days in Thailand and we just all became like really good friends.

Phil: 03:24 So kind of the same question but what country had the nicest people?

Speaker 4: 03:28 Oh, okay.

Talyn: 03:30 New Zealand probably nice. Yeah, but everyone was nice. Yeah. Like every country, they were super helping and well welcoming that. All right,

Phil: 03:39 so today we thought we would let Taylor and steal the show and we are going to talk about voice and tone. Taylin takeover, Tayln takeover. Wow. Steven. We need graphics here, like neon graphics and yeah. Yeah. It’s like a tap takeover. But Talyn takeover. Yes. Okay. Uh, I know I get them confused all the time and I probably use the words interchangeably and you’ll, you’ll learn about me. Um, I feel like every time I feel like I have a grasp on it, I kind of question what I’m thinking. So can you help the world?

Talyn: 04:19 Yes, I will do my best. Okay, well let’s do this. Okay. So voice is more think of voices, more of the overarching theme and tone is like an aspect of that. So like your voice would be your like base personality, who you are as a person, like who you are every day. Okay. Um, but your tone would be, would change like based on who you’re speaking to. So how you speak to us versus how you speak to your family or how you would speak to someone at like McDonald’s. Like would, it would just change a little bit.

Phil: 04:55 What if I yell at all three of those people?

Talyn: 04:58 Well, that I, I don’t know.

Phil: 05:00 Is that it? Is that more my voice then? I’m just kidding. I’m trying to mess you up. [inaudible] person. Yeah. So that’s you as a person. So would you say that as a business, um, maybe it’s like some of the voices, maybe it’s more some of the core value.

Talyn: 05:15 Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So like when you’re talking about brands like your brand voice and people, yeah. Those core values and how they play out every day that the brand exists and then the tone would be how does that voice act in sound when you’re talking to different target markets? Okay. Or on different media platforms. So like maybe like thinking of hospital, if you’re trying to speak to like an older clientele, you would be using a different tone versus someone who’s looking for like a pediatric specialist. You just have different target markets that you’re speaking. Makes Sense.

Phil: 05:58 One of the things I saw that helped me wrap my head around this a little bit too was climate versus weather. Ah, yes. So climate of an area is way more, um, consistent and longterm versus weather can change very rapidly and quickly or day to day. So I like that analogy.

Talyn: 06:18 That’s true. Yeah. Another like, I know we were talking about bringing in like a TV show character into this. Yeah. I don’t know. For me like, let’s see, like I don’t know if you’re

Phil: 06:29 parks and recreation for you. I’ve seen a few episodes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Talyn: 06:35 Okay. Well we’ll just throw a Leslie Knope out there. I guess like her character, like she has this character that’s there every episode, but you get a different taste of her like in every different situation. Yeah. So it just kind of depends like that.

Phil: 06:49 No, I think you and Jeff were talking the book that the Bachelor maybe?

Talyn: 06:54 No, Jeff, you still having read into it? I won’t either. I’m okay. I’m lying. What else do we want to talk about? We have, we have the stage here. Oh my goodness. Well I to ask away. I don’t know how of your first four days been really good. Okay. Yeah. Been like, it’s been so nice to hang out with you guys. You’ve all been really welcoming and it’s been fun to be in Duluth. I love Duluth.

Phil: 07:22 And you’re not just saying this because you’re on camera, maybe. No, no, no

Talyn: 07:25 world forever. Wait, cause I am not originally from Duluth scandal. Um, but moved here when I got my first job and just, I don’t know, it’s just like the best place to be. Yeah. Like, I’ve been so lucky to see so many other places, but it still has my heart. So it’s fun to be back.

Phil: 07:44 What do you like to do for fun in Duluth?

Talyn: 07:47 Um, well I’m really lucky I have a couple of friends who have sailboats so I like to work well. I helped them on their racing teams and by that I’m like I’ll wait and they need extra weight. That’s my job. Taylor move over here. Yes, I’ll move over there. Exactly. That’s exactly what I do. Um, I do a lot like I love all the trails here. So Chester, Lester, Hawks Ridge, whatever you can find. It’s always a nice way to get out and get either go with people or be by yourself.

Phil: 08:20 So going back to the salient, do you understand all the terms of like star board and things like that?

Talyn: 08:24 Oh, what? Okay. So port I think port is for ladders. You can say whatever you want because I’m not going to know, but my friends are, oh my God. Damn. Did you be teaching? Nothing. Right. Okay. The one thing I’m trying to remember, I think port side port is four letters, leftist four letters. So that’s the left side. Okay. And that is all I have for you. So, all right. Hope you learned something today. I did. I learned one thing. Yes. That’s all we can ask. Yeah, right. That’s true. Huh? Just trying to wrap my head around how that

Phil: 08:55 would help me. Salian if I only know one side.

Talyn: 08:59 I love it since I’ve been sure. No, it is a poor side and whatever the other sense Barbara, thank you. See I, they shouldn’t let me on boat. I don’t know why they do.

Phil: 09:08 So as you know, behind us here we have a very open office. How was that for you so far?

Talyn: 09:15 It’s good. I like it. Um, yeah, we’ll see when it gets busier. Yeah. Um, I’m just, yeah, playing it by ear right now.

Phil: 09:23 I like when you said the other day, I don’t know. Like you guys want to have different offices. I don’t know when I can like bother you and talk to you and

Talyn: 09:30 yeah. Well I’m so used to, I don’t know. I think I’ve just need to get my Google calendar right so that I know when I can like,

Phil: 09:37 right. We’ll see, we’ll see. We’ll schedule things instead of just like,

Talyn: 09:41 I like it though. Like it seems like it’s small enough team and right now it’s not like crazy, crazy busy. So it’s easy to like do that without being a bother. I’ve heard some things about the vehicle you drive. Oh my God. Okay. Well story time. Uh, so two days before I was gonna move up to Duluth, I got my car window fixed and the mechanic called me why I was three hours away. Um, and they were like, oh, so we got your window fixed by now. The car’s not starting and we can fix it. And so then I had to get my car towed back to my parents and then I got to move to delete. It’s with my grandmas. You guys said 88 maybe? Kinda like, it’s awesome. It definitely smells like mothballs. So I’ve called it the mothball or Instagram are gonna Watch this properly. Actually, yes. We’ll be sending this to you. May Be the only one who watches it.

Phil: 10:41 Is she going to be offended by the mothball smell?

Talyn: 10:44 I think so. I think so. Agree. Okay. Yeah. And she’ll be okay with that or I just won’t be getting a Christmas present right here. We’ll find out. Sorry, grandma. Yeah.

Phil: 10:56 Anything you guys want to know? Yeah, the fire. Ooh, rapid fire. We should have done that. We should almost pause. Come up with some rapid fire questions and then a on pause.

Talyn: 11:06 Well, is it rapid fire you have to come up live with them’s for fast.

Phil: 11:09 Well, you’re the writer, so you should write them for us and then we’ll it out.

Talyn: 11:15 Oh, okay. Uh, favorite ice cream is, I’m just thinking cookies and cream. Sounds good. Hmm. Um, favorite elbow. I’m listening to the newest 10. The heart album a lot. I don’t remember what it’s called, but I like it.

Phil: 11:30 Oh, I got one. So we have a Amazon Echo over here. [inaudible] we probably had, you’ve heard some music playing through it, but let’s, let’s say it’s Friday afternoon, it’s two o’clock and we’re all kind of dragon. What do you play to get us pumped up?

Talyn: 11:46 We are the champions quick. [inaudible]

Phil: 11:50 yeah, that’s good. I like it is rapid. It is

Talyn: 11:54 good. Did you see that movie? I did. Oh, did you like it? I did. Okay, so it was on a flight and it was really, really sick. So it was not really like paying attention and it was really embarrassing because I was talking to my dad about it and I was like, yeah, he was, someone said something about him dying of aids and I was like, when did that happen? Like, he’s like, did you even watch the movie? And I was like, we’ll let us kind of, you know, half with it then. So yes. My store number died right around that same year. That that your grandma’s car female. Oh, just taking a dark turn. A tree grows in Brooklyn by Buddy Smith. Last book you read? I’m Mo, I’m reading what Ellis forgot. I fight those lady who wrote um, big little lies. Did you ever own a cassette tape? Yes. What was your first one? King Soundtrack.

Phil: 13:00 I thought you were going to say no ahead cds.

Talyn: 13:03 No, I’m cool than that. I don’t like it, Huh?

Phil: 13:07 All right. Does anybody else, do you have any questions for us? Why did I do that?

Talyn: 13:12 That was a terrible idea. Don’t give me the power here. Shoot. I cut. Yes. Cut. Cut. Good. Are we good? I think I’m good. Everybody’s good. You got a good introduction?

Phil: 13:26 She’ll be on a 32 33 34 podcast, 32 33 34. Yeah. You’re just going to take it over. Now you’ve got the newscaster a no one and it’s Deanna takeover. Yup. Well that was fun. Um, as always, if you have any suggestions for podcasts you like to hear or see, or,

Talyn: 13:48 okay. What else? That’s about it, right? Those are the only two senses we can taste the podcast yet. Yeah, yeah.

Phil: 13:58 Uh, let us know and we’ll be [inaudible] back

Talyn: 14:01 soon. We’ll see once we do the next one. Next week. Let’s do two weeks. Okay. Yeah. Every week. Clients and stuff. Alright. Bye.