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The 8Bit Podcast – Episode 030 – Summer Interns



The 8Bit Podcast Episode 030, is out of the ordinary for us as we interview our three summer interns. It’s a chance to introduce them to the world, what we have them working on and how the process is going so far. We basically describe one of our Power of Play projects in more detail and what the intern team is tasked with for the summer. 



Speaker 1: 00:14 [inaudible]

Speaker 2: 00:22 everybody The 8Bit podcast, episode 30, this week we have a, if you notice, we’re in our, uh, one of our little parts of our, uh, office, different spots than you may be used to. What are you laughing at Steven? I can see you over there. One of our little parts of our parts of our office. We got the little parts everywhere. Um, this week we thought we find to do a little Q and A with our summer interns. Uh, so some questions just to Kinda kind of get your thoughts on some things. So first off me start off with introductions. I’ll start at the end. Maybe, uh, who you are and uh, uh, where you went to school or are going to school. That’d be cool.

Speaker 3: 01:08 Yeah. I’m Josh Helmer and I went to school at St Scholastica. I graduated last fall. Um, I’m Sarah Gihl and I go to school at UMD graduate this spring. Okay.

Speaker 2: 01:19 And I’m Sam, and I go to UMD as well and I will be graduating what next spring as well. Sweet. Yeah. So a year, maybe say what your role is this summer and on what you’re working on. So you’re the graphic design intern, graphic design,

Speaker 3: 01:38 social media and Twitter. And I’m kind of the marketing intern that’s pulling the both

Speaker 2: 01:43 sweet. Um, maybe do you want to explain, maybe you’re in your own thoughts, may, I’ll start and just chime in where you want, but what we have you guys working on this this summer. I don’t think we’ve ever really like formally, um, maybe explain it to the world of, of this like a little side fun, a power play project that we’ve been working on. If you want me to explain in your own words.

Speaker 3: 02:06 Yeah. So it’s kind of like a big unveil for the podcast, but we’ve been working on a side project called a pinpoint love and we basically been creating a strategy to get it out in the world and make it a big thing that’s

Speaker 2: 02:21 Sam picked up on love right there. You got a couple examples hanging up above you there. Product placement. Yeah, it was, it was a, it was a, a, it was we meant to do that. Yeah. Yeah, a little part of our office. Yeah. Do you want me to expand on that? Like what, what pinpoint love kind of represents her is,

Speaker 4: 02:42 yeah. So pinpoint love. Um, we, the idea behind Pinpoint Love is to, um, share a location that really holds a nice place in our heart and show your team colors as well. Um, so it really helps capture those memories that we have in those.

Speaker 2: 03:00 Yeah. Yeah. So I’ll, I’ll just expand on that. So, so it started out as a, um, just a fun, just a fun kind of clever idea. We think it’s clever, um, where if you take the latitude, longitude, gps coordinates, if you will, you may, you know, the 30 some degrees north and x amount of degrees west, uh, kind of pinpoints a spot in the, in the world. Um, but basically it’s, uh, we started out with sports teams in their respective home ballparks arenas, football fields, whatever. Um, and then we took that and, uh, those coordinates and then represented it in the colors of those specific teams or that style of their Jersey as a place to, as you can see, that’s the Minnesota Vikings on the wall. Um, so that’s something that we just started playing around with came out of the power of play, which we’ve talked about a lot in the past.

Speaker 2: 03:52 And, uh, first we had to make all of these things. So for every team, all the major for sports, uh, weight for hockey, basketball, yeah. Yeah. For, I couldn’t remember. Um, but that took a long time to, to research and figure that out. But we did that. And then, uh, yeah. And so we thought we’d have some, some interns come and help us with this and fuck a really fun project that kind of um, elaborate on. They get a different perspective. Cause obviously from our standpoint, we, uh, we come at it from the, from the more that we created it kind of thing. But when you’re kind of too close to something, sometimes you think one way is the right way to do it. And, and, and then also the time piece of it. So we thought it’d be a fun project. So I think, uh, I think we’ve got to, we’ve got the Dream Team, uh, to help us off this summer. So, um, so what are your, what are you guys’ thoughts of it so far? Like how has it been going? Like, uh, has it been, you know, just kind of maybe what, what your thoughts of how it’s been going? Good or bad? Yeah, honest, I think it’s going pretty well. Um, this is my first time really trying to like grow a company, so I’ve been learning a lot. Just doing that. And then also like through these guys too.

Speaker 4: 05:09 Yeah. I think we all, um, have learned a lot from each other too. Yeah. Um, just like through our conversations, which is really nice. And then, um, like he said, it’s my first time, like really growing a company. So it’s a lot of fun to see. Um, some posts like takeoff, sometimes like our Twitter poll and, um, see how people are reacting to that, see what’s working. Yeah.

Speaker 3: 05:35 Yeah. Just playing off of what both of you have said. It’s really interesting building something. Um, and it definitely takes a different perspective to start from something new rather than having something that’s already well established. Um, it’s been really interesting reaching out to different people and seeing their reactions and growing the page more organically, which I thought has been pretty interesting and we’re hopefully trying to get into some more paid advertisement. But right now we’ve just been doing the organic way and that’s been super fun too.

Speaker 2: 06:06 Yeah. I know one of the things that we were hoping to get out of having you on board was, was yeah. To, to have a little more time we’ve been able to put towards it from a, from a promotion standpoint, which you guys have been doing. But I think the other thing was taking the time and really kind of do a plan or that kind of strategic, how do we do that? So you touched on that. So how did, how did that go for you guys? Like you feel like, like you’ve, you were able to put enough time and research into the, to the plan that the both me being kind of implemented now.

Speaker 3: 06:35 Yeah. So it was, we definitely looked, did our research and looked for other people or other brands that were doing the same thing. And the closest thing we could find was an England, um, and they were doing real football, not American football. So it was, it was difficult ball football. I know you’re fighting, I’ll tell you, say it differently. No, I don’t know. It’s spelled different and that’s all that I think that’s an end. Southern countries. Oh, okay. I think probably my accent shows me my experience. Yeah. There’s another Spanish word, you know, football futball um, so yeah, it was, it was definitely difficult because we didn’t really have that much data to go off of. So a lot of it was deeper research then we probably, I don’t know, I guess, I don’t know how to explain it. We did when we were coming up with our personas, we were just kind of generalizing a sports fanatic and that, that played into the role of who we’re trying to target right now with our social media. Sure.

Speaker 4: 07:32 Yeah. I definitely feel like it’s a lot of trial and error. Um, so I mean it’s like educated guessing a little bit, but it’s kind of fun. Um, because there is some research behind the, the guessing like it’s not just totally like I’m just going to shoot in the dark, but um, there are some ideas about like, people that we know that are big sports fans and like what do they think? And talking with you guys about what you guys think about the sport or what makes it so special to you. And we’re just really trying to touch on the special parts, um, because that’s how you get the feeling from people and really make something genuine.

Speaker 2: 08:15 I would just add, just from our perspective, you know, definitely have a vision for this thing. We, we definitely believe in the, uh, the concept of it all. And we’ve, we’ve even seen some varied successes with what we’ve shared with that. But, um, but yeah, it’s nice to, to kind of put a little bit more deeper thought into that. And, and, and you’re right, sometimes it’s like, we know x amount about this because it is this kind of newer concept, if you will. You kind of have to go off of, uh, um, what’s happening out there and what’s not happening and then being able to pivot. So I think it’s also a good, it’s a good learning experience as, as an intern, I think as a student in this kind of thing. And for us to, you know, because we do have big, bigger vision, but then like, how do you, you know, what did we, where did we go next?

Speaker 2: 08:59 What was the right way or wrong way to go? [inaudible] and then learning from those things and then, yeah, be able to pivot and, and go a different route, you know, testing some things. Um, what kind of engagement level are we getting? Like I, I was really surprised when you guys had done this, a Twitter, Twitter poll week or two going ahead. Quite the engagement level, very quick things. So that was a trigger to learn from that. And then what, what do you go forward with that and what’s, what’s resonating, what’s not. So that’s kind of kind of interesting. So yeah, you’re spot on about that. So, so what is this experience so far taught you about the agency life? Like anything specific? Uh, like just in general, not way in general. I mean cause I mean we, we try to involve you as much as possible into some of our own day to day stuff, you know. Um, but is there anything specific that you’ve leaned, felt like you’ve learned so far? I just think like the morning traffic meetings, yeah. Have been really beneficial to see how you guys stay on the same page for like multitude of clients and you just interact with each other so seamlessly. That’s been like a big learning part like part for me so far.

Speaker 4: 10:06 Yeah, I definitely agree. I’m the traffic has been really an interesting part to hear like all of the different things that you have your hand in and there’s so different at the same time, which is really interesting how you guys keep track of all of that. Um, like like he said, um, but I also really like when we went out and flew the drone, that was cool and seeing that different perspective because I feel like that’s really a unique thing that this agency has going for them is the drone stuff. Then

Speaker 2: 10:37 really just getting out in the field in general. Yeah. Yeah. That power play piece. That was something we did last week. Yeah. That’s not the drone that which we are actually, we’re trying some new techniques for another actual client project, but we, we use it as a power play a hour or two to go and test those things and, and learn some new things there. That was fun. Yeah. And you want to add Josh?

Speaker 3: 11:00 I think you both covered it pretty wide. I guess I had never expected that I’d be shooting drone footage for an agency and just going out and taking some fun pictures for the agency. And Yeah, that was definitely a different perspective that I didn’t really expect when I was going through college to end up doing when I got to an agency.

Speaker 2: 11:20 So speaking of that, what are the aspirations each of you have for kind of, where do you see yourself career wise? Is there any specific, I know it’s be abroad.

Speaker 3: 11:28 That’s a tough one. Um, so I’ve, so apart from this role, I’ve had another internship at Hailey’s who is an account executive and I’ve really enjoyed overseeing projects and that’s been super fun. But seeing what Stephen has been doing here at the video production side and the graphic design side, I know I didn’t go to, I know I didn’t exactly go to school for that, but that’s been really interesting for me. But if I was to put, uh,

Speaker 4: 11:54 appoint to go to probably more so an account executive or as the strategy behind what goes on in the agency projects. Yeah. I, um, I definitely am very interested in strategy. I’m a giant planner. I love to plan things out. Um, so strategy and planning out stuff is really my strong suit. Um, so one day, I mean I’d like to be in my own agency. I really, um, have always liked marketing agencies and lean towards that, more of, more of that instead of, um, in house marketing. So it’s a really good experience to like see what it actually is like instead of just hearing about it.

Speaker 2: 12:38 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I’ve always said like they aspiration to work may work like work my way up to like a creative director either for just like, like a large inhouse or an agency. Um, cause I’ve done some graphic design work for like in house clients before and it kind of gets a little stale after a little bit. But also if you are all the way up to the top and you have your hand in everything, it doesn’t get quite as stale, which I’m learning at like one of my other internships. Um, but I also liked the idea of working with tons of clients and just doing like a bunch of different stuff for them. Like not even just design but the meetings and yeah, it is. There’s definitely a relationship business, isn’t it? Yeah. I mean it truly is. I mean, yeah, you’re, you’re ultimately solving problems, um, for, for clients, you know, cause area, I shouldn’t say problems, but a lot of times, you know, they come with the, with this project it’s supposed to, we’re supposed to do this, we want to get this out of it.

Speaker 2: 13:42 So they’re kind of presents itself as here’s the task and some answers I’m going to, those things can be easy to solve. Sometimes they’re harder to solve. And I think definitely, um, that’s what’s the interesting part is, is being able to help them figure that out. Getting out the information you need from them, finding outside information they didn’t even know about. And then Mayo apply that with, with your expertise then to give them something that will ultimately, um, get them where they want to be. So that’s what’s probably pretty interesting and fundable about just the marketing industry in general and obviously all the interpersonal, you know, as, as you’ve found everyone has their role and, and how you work within that role, those roles to ultimately as a team create this, this, a PCer or solve the specific problems. So it’s quite the, it’s quite the, the, the fun aspect of it definitely is the interpersonal relationships you build with internally and externally.

Speaker 2: 14:38 So, um, so, so far with, with, with what you’ve learned, I know you’ve got another like six weeks or so left of your internship for the summer, which I can’t believe cause it’s middle of July already. Um, but, uh, is there anything that you specifically know so far to be able to take with you that maybe you’ll apply in the rest of your schooling this next year or any specific there that you’ve maybe learned so far or plan or hope, Dillon, yet for me, I’m just like social media marketing in general. I’ve been learning a lot, uh, like even like learning from them, like about personas and stuff like that, which even though my major is graphic design and marketing, it’s heavier on the design side. And so when I jumped into my marketing classes as a senior, I feel like I’m going to be kind of a step ahead. Right. So that’s going to be really fun. That’s awesome. Yeah.

Speaker 4: 15:32 Yeah. I’ve um, I’ve learned a lot about social media as well. Um, but I’ve also learned a lot more about like design and a video production from these too. And it’s really cool to see that and it makes me want to learn way more than what my courses offer because we don’t have that many art. Just marketing doesn’t have that many art classes.

Speaker 2: 15:55 Right. Yeah. That’s great.

Speaker 3: 15:59 Yeah. And since the beginning of this, I’ve definitely looked into the way Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest advertise and I think I probably spent 32, I think we’ve spent 30 to 40 minutes every day here or outside of work. Just looking at how that works and how, how to specifically target and how to create an audience. Um, and that’s just been based on our personas and we’re just, again, that’s trial and error. So we’re still trying to learn on how to apply all of that.

Speaker 2: 16:27 And honestly, you know, as much as I feel like we know from their d and d pieces, I’ve learned a lot of stuff, even from a little bit either explaining to back to us about some of the things you’re wanting to do or some of the parts of the plan, I’m like, oh, that makes sense. But some things that we’ve necessarily always had the, um, maybe the opportunity to, uh, apply or learn about. So some of those things are been good for us too. So definitely been a, a nice relationship there to learn even a little bit from you guys. So, which was great, you know, so that’s the other thing too that I think this, this industry is always changing so much. I mean, I think back to, you know, I’ve done this a long time and just going from, you know, my kind of cutting my teeth on print design only to, um, the rise of the web to the rise of social media and now probably more about content, I would say more than anything or it’s just been this progression that, I mean, all kinds of inner relate, but the things I’ve just grown so much in the last 20, 25 years.

Speaker 2: 17:26 You think about it, um, because of the Internet, because of social media and all the other things that, uh, I think we have to learn about. It’s just a constant changing and what’s next, you know, so it’s kind of interesting. So, um, so if you had to describe your experience so far in one word, what would it be? Oh, okay. There’s a lot of words out.

Speaker 3: 17:54 They’re good words to [inaudible]. We have to put a bleep in there or something though.

Speaker 2: 18:04 Just a couple of leaves. Yeah, that’s a tough one. I know the one word.

Speaker 3: 18:11 Well, we’re all friends. Yeah, we’ll go with one phrase. How would that,

Speaker 5: 18:16 yeah.

Speaker 3: 18:16 Really cool. I was like the first thing that popped right in your mind or right. I’m not going to say that. Wait, sorry. I’m going to go with one that’s more of an inside joke. The cactus blossoms. That’s been good. I think that’s just been, yeah.

Speaker 5: 18:35 Okay.

Speaker 3: 18:35 The epitome of what this agency has been doing. Like it’s just a fun time. Yeah. At the time. That’s good. I’m gonna go. And that’s the whole thing with creative arcades.

Speaker 2: 18:44 Yeah.

Speaker 3: 18:44 It’s just a fun time. And we did not pay him to say that. Not Neither are we sprints are by the character. Right, right, right, right, right. Who are the [inaudible] [inaudible] are they even on traffic? Our traffic playlists that are on there? No. Everly brothers are, that’s why

Speaker 2: 19:06 bringing it up. So the cactus blossoms, if you don’t know they’re from Minneapolis area, they’re awesome. A little bit about her. They sound a lot like the Everly brothers to me. So if you know what every who the Everly brothers are, they’re an old, they’re an old, uh, an old group from the fifties and sixties, but which is fine. It’s cool. Um, but the cactus blossoms, uh, sound roughly like them, but in their own new ways. So yeah. Anyways, I’m going to go with traffic break traffic. Okay. That’s a good one. That’s a good one.

Speaker 4: 19:40 Um, I’m going to go with like a creative team.

Speaker 2: 19:43 Yeah.

Speaker 4: 19:44 Cause there’s a lot of creative creativity flowing from you guys and everyone really just meshes really well, I think.

Speaker 2: 19:53 Yeah. Good. That makes me feel good. Really good. Cool. So any last parting words? I’m not gonna make this a long drawn out thing, but any, any parting words you want to say just to, in general about, about the experience or, or just maybe your own thoughts about, uh, where do you see yourself going? Uh, I mean I like how you gave us like these side projects and like you just gave us a ton of responsibility, um, to kind of find our way on our own by like, you guys come and help us out, like when we needed to. And I just, I really liked that compared to like having my hand held throughout the process. So I thought that was really cool. Oh good.

Speaker 4: 20:35 Yeah, I definitely agree with that. Because other internships, you don’t really get that all the time. And I definitely feel like I’ve learned a lot more from this internship. Then

Speaker 2: 20:46 some other ones I’ve had. Cool.

Speaker 3: 20:48 See, we always feel like we’re, we’re not with you enough. You know, we try to at least touch base a few times throughout the day. But um, yeah, like I told you, I think, I think I, the one thing we didn’t want to mess with, he just put you on one at one specific thing and yeah, tell you what to do. Like I feel like we brought you guys all on for a reason, you know, things you brought to the table and we felt like it. Like I said, we, we’ve learned even a lot from you guys. You know, that whole jeopardy thing you did last week, you guys, that was awesome. We real quick, we, we had a power of play where we had the interns lead it and they didn’t fall in this cool jeopardy app online. It is really fun. It was awesome. That was so fun.

Speaker 3: 21:26 So fun. That’s the stuff. I mean that’s the thing. And that’s how Yankee also build the creative team is in a, in one that that works well together and trust each other is just some of that, that inner, again, that relationship of just being people hanging out every day working together, you know, so. So thank you. Yeah, and I guess on a closing note, like, like they said, it’s been great having the independence, but it’s been really cool that you guys have also pulled us over to help with a few projects and I think that has been super beneficial for us to see thought process behind what goes on when you’re making a campaign for someone or you’re storyboarding an idea for another company.

Speaker 2: 22:08 Try you guys and help us with a couple of client things. Yeah, some campaign stuff, which was really helpful too. So yeah, it’s been great all around. So, um, awesome. Well I’m not going to keep going on and on. I know he guys got stuff to do and stuff to do and people watching five steps to do, but just wanting to get you, get you guys out. And so people could learn about what we’re doing this summer with you guys and the project we’re working on, which we’ve again, kind of informally launched but not really made a big deal about it. But that’s, that’s your main focus this summer, which has been really fun so far, Soma. So again, thank you and, uh, can’t wait to see where we end up at the, towards the end of the things. And we’ll definitely share with you, uh, later on once we get a little bit farther. But, uh, if you’re interested, it’s pinpoint, uh, obviously versus creative arcade. And we will see you next time on episode 31,

Speaker 1: 22:58 the Land Baba.