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Small City. Big Ideas: Why Working in Duluth, MN Elevates Our Creativity

When people think of ad agencies, they think of New York City, LA, or Chicago. No one suspects great creativity would thrive in Duluth, Minnesota. But it does! With technology advancements, social connectedness, and better life/work balance, working with a firm from the Zenith City is an optimal choice. 


The World Is Social 
In the past, it took time for the freshest ideas to reach smaller cities. Now, connecting with game-changing ideas is a click away. You can open up your phone and find trends, fresh designs, and big thinkers within minutes. Inspiration doesn’t have city limits.

Less Stress. More Ideas. 
Smaller towns mean shorter commutes and a less hectic lifestyle. This translates into less-stressed creatives who have time outside of work to pursue their passions. This pursuit of play inspires and drives our creativity. It gives our minds time to relax, the secret ingredient to unleashing powerful ideas. Just ask this study featured in Scientific American

Small Town Service
Small city creatives battle preconceived notions every day. It forces us to work harder and smarter than the big city guys. We need to impress – so we do. We mean business, from our swift response rates, our connection with our clients, and our dedication to finding the right answer. Instead of reaching an intern, you reach your creative team. This removes lost-in-translation moments and lets us really get to know our clients and their needs. 

Big City Creative 
Where you live does impact your work. That’s why Duluth is such a powerful tool for our creativity. It’s small enough to keep us levelheaded but large enough to have a wide range of arts opportunities. Art galleries, plays and performances, maker spaces and musicians. There’s always something happening and new people to meet and mingle with. As a tourist mecca, we’re constantly surrounded by new cultures and new ideas. Each person leaves an impact on our bustling city by the inland sea. 

Creativity > Competition
Some people are surprised that there are so many creative shops in town. They’re even more surprised to find that we get along. There’s plenty of work to go around and each shop brings a unique asset to the town. If an opportunity pops up that doesn’t fit our capabilities, we’ll direct them to a studio in town with the exact skills they’re after. It’s a very symbiotic atmosphere. We do compete for work but if we don’t score the project, we’re happy to see another local shop get the work. Creativity thrives on the exchanging of ideas so we enjoy crossing paths and gabbing marketing over coffee or pho at Saigon. 

Community Connection 
Because we have time after work to actually do things, we’re connected to the Duluth community. Whether that’s coaching baseball, partaking in the rowing club, or volunteering at local events, feeling like a part of the Duluth and surrounding community fills us with pride and brings depth to our lives here. We’re fulfilled and it shows in our creative prowess. 

That BIG Lake
It happens to us all. We hit a wall. Our mind can’t stare at a screen any longer; our mind can’t come up with any more ideas. It’s lake time. Next to the largest lake in the world, Lake Superior, you can refocus your brain. Fortunately for us, it’s only a 3-minute walk from our doors to its shores. 

Consider a Small City Agency 
Move over, Minneapolis. Duluth, Minnesota is a hotspot for creative marketing talent. Some think of us as a tourist town, but at our heart, we’re filled with creative minds who are ready to solve problems. 

Check out our creative talent pool – whether it’s us or our friends, supporting a thriving creative culture in our City on the Hill is a win for everyone.

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