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Have a Merry, On-brand Christmas: What Makes a Great Holiday Commercial?

The holiday season is a time of tradition. You have your favorite movie, your favorite dish – and your favorite commercial. We know it’s not just us. Just like The Christmas Story, certain ads get airtime year after year because of how well-loved they are. True marketing magic is creating ads that capture the spirit […]

Will TikTok Be Banned? Here Are 3 Video Alternatives

Is TikTok being banned? Should I be moving to Reels or Shorts? Already, India has banned TikTok and the U.S. may follow suit. If you’ve grown a large crowd already on this platform, this can feel like a kick to the gut. While it’s still unclear on what will happen to this app, anything could […]

Small City. Big Ideas: Why Working in Duluth, MN Elevates Our Creativity

When people think of ad agencies, they think of New York City, LA, or Chicago. No one suspects great creativity would thrive in Duluth, Minnesota. But it does! With technology advancements, social connectedness, and better life/work balance, working with a firm from the Zenith City is an optimal choice.