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SharpSpring Inbound Marketing Dashboard: A Great Choice for Overseeing Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to content management, the right tool makes all the difference. SharpSpring is the perfect example. Our team recently switched to this powerful marketing automation platform. Our goal is to improve results and make marketing efforts easier for our clients. But how exactly does SharpSpring make both these accomplish these goals? 

Lead Generation
SharpSpring offers a range of tools for generating leads. From forms to landing pages to email campaigns, you can create targeted campaigns to reach specific segments of your audience.  It also allows you to track customer progress through the sales funnel.

Marketing Automation
Life is busy. Your audience may click but quickly get distracted. With SharpSpring’s automation tools, you can make sure no potential customers get lost. You can set up personalized email campaigns, send targeted messages, and have certain actions trigger a specific follow-up. This saves you time and creates a more seamless marketing process.

Analytics and Reporting
Is your marketing working? SharpSpring provides analytics and reporting tools so you can see what’s working and track your progress. Based on these results, you can shift efforts to improve your ongoing marketing work.

SharpSpring integrates with many other platforms, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, social media sites, and email marketing tools. Having one spot where you can see all your marketing efforts makes it easier to pivot your work and put more energy or budget into sections that are working well. 

If you’re considering a new content management system, SharpSpring is a great choice. It’s a powerful marketing automation platform that can help your business or organization improve your marketing experience and results. From integrating with your social channels to analytics to lead generation, SharpSpring provides the tools you need.