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Power of Play: Wiral LITE

We finally got to conduct a Power of Play in person this month. What a treat! We gathered our 4-person team in the woods of Hartley to test out the Wiral LITE.

What is the Wiral LITE?
It’s a videography aide that allows you to get smooth gliding shots. The product got its start on Kickstarter. When we saw the intro video we knew we had to test it out.

How does it work?
You take the Quick Reel rope line and attach it between two different locations. Then you attach the Cable Cam unit, add your camera, and shoot. Using a remote, you guide the Cam across the line. You will also be able to use a phone app to control it in the future.

Needless to say, our team was super excited to test this device out. We got it set up between two trees and started to play! The resulting footage looked awesome.


Would We Recommend?
Yes! We can’t wait to use it in future shoots. It’s a great tool when you want to capture zooming shots that not even your drone can capture. How? The line allows you to send your camera through tight areas. With a drone this wouldn’t be possible. Nothing against drones! We actually think they’re a perfect pairing, catching shots from all angles.



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