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Play & Web Development: How Our Play Philosophy Benefits the Web Development Process

We want our work to be the highlight of your work. That’s why we use the play methodology. This thinking sees play as a form of experimentation that drives better creative solutions. When building a new website, this philosophy delivers great results and a great experience for you. Here’s how.

Website development should feel like play.
Too often, play is undervalued. When utilized correctly, this approach unearths the best answers. If you think about it, every website project is a problem-solving moment. What is the best way to find solutions? Embrace creativity. Play is just creativity let loose.

The play mindset sets you up for success. Why? Because it’s all about purposeful experimentation. What happens when we do this? How does changing this one thing impact the bigger picture? It’s all give and take. Asking and answering. By leaning into this philosophy you find new answers. You discover a new angle.

These new angles are what will set you apart. They are the secret to accomplishing your desired effect. You solve problems not linearly, but by playing with different ideas and landing on the one that works.

When you embrace creativity, you can feel it. It is fun. It reminds you of playing as a kid. Collaborative, puzzling, energizing. You’re not fretting about problems, you’re too immersed in trial and error. It’s a freeing feeling.

It’s when you enjoy the project, the best ideas happen. We’ve done our research, we’ve explored various options and opportunities. Then things start to click. The subconscious takes a turn. Suddenly, ideas flow and keep on flowing.

The Benefits of Play
This is the power of play and experimentation. You can only find the best creative solutions when you overturn ways of thinking and see things from a new angle.

Take the website we built for The Depot. We used the proponents of play during the entire creation process. Their team walked us through their expectations. We examined their new brand and the way people use their site. As we started mapping out the UX and the design, we played around. The branding included these fun moving elements that represent train tracks. We messed around with how to add this movement to the website by animating images and placing them throughout the website.

We also utilized Elementor to give their staff more control over their content beyond our engagement together. It is a WordPress page builder plugin that gives designers and content managers more flexibility and control over content. This format made it easier to add animation elements and create a better mobile experience. With mobile being top of mind in any designer’s mind, this made a great site experience pixel perfect. Because we selected this plugin and approach, we now understand it and are ready to utilize it in more projects. Through experimentation, we’ve discovered some cool aspects of this tool we can’t wait to share with other clients.



Embrace Play
Don’t underestimate the power of play. It can be a game changer. It paves the way for better ideas and makes your job more enjoyable. Play is serious business — and brings in serious business. Want to keep up this discussion? Say hello.