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Our Onboarding Process: Starting Your Marketing on the Right Foot

In a successful marketing project, onboarding is everything. If you do it right, everyone starts out on the same page and the work delivers. It’s like a map on a long adventure, it shows you where you are and where you need to go — and how to get there. 

What Is Onboarding?
Onboarding is the first stage of any project with a new client. It’s where we sit down and learn everything we can about you. We can do it over the phone and through email, but we prefer in-person meetings. It’s easier to communicate and ask questions, and we get more natural answers from you. Plus, it gives us an excuse to get donuts. 

Why Is Onboarding Important?
It starts any project on the right foot. It gives us a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. Later on in the project, if we have a question, we consult our onboarding document first. If it’s not there, then we reach out to you. This saves everybody time and energy. 

Our Onboarding Process
It’s pretty straightforward. We sit down with you and a few other stakeholders. We discuss your company or organization for an hour or 3. (This often depends on the number of meeting members. The less the better, in our opinion.) Then, we pack up our laptops and notebooks and let our minds start digesting. Our copywriter and creative director examine all the notes and thoughts. They meet and compare takeaways until they’ve both come to the same page. Then, the copywriter refines the onboarding document, our designers spiff it up with a bit of design, and we present it to you. Once you’ve approved this doc, we get after whatever is our final goal: a new brand or brand refresh, a new website, or even a content campaign. Then we deliver it to you. (Insert firework noises, champagne popping, audience applause at this point.) 

That’s a hefty paragraph. Let us break it down a bit. 

  1. Discovery phase – meeting with stakeholders
  2. Craft onboarding doc – copywriter and creative director
  3. Present onboarding doc – creative director and stakeholders
  4. You approve 
  5. We get working on whatever’s next on the docket: a rebrand, a new website, videos, etc. 

This process gives us a rock solid foundation and a complete understanding of you. It drives our work going forward and keeps everyone on the same wavelength. 

If you’re interested in learning more or starting the onboarding process with us, say hello.