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Our Branding Process: Mindset Makes the Difference

We’re going to be 100% honest with you. Our process isn’t that different from any other branding agency/studio/shop/collective/what-have-you. It’s the mindset that makes the difference. And ours is certainly unique. 

We’re not “yes” people. We’re not going to just regurgitate your answers back at you. 

We’re going to listen, take notes, take those notes apart, highlight, study up, analyze, think on, tinker with, discuss — and play. 

Play & Subconscious 
Our work is powered by play.

What does that mean? We approach every project with a playful mindset. 

You may balk at the idea of play. But we’re firm believers in it. We may get pretty silly when we’re brainstorming ideas, but underneath, our subconscious is mad at work. It’s just biding its time until we least expect it, and then, WHAM, idea. 

Don’t believe us? Next time you can’t think of an answer you swear you know, don’t Google. Discuss it with someone or just pose the question out loud. Move it around in your brain a bit. Then leave it. Within a day or two your brain cells will dig it up when you least expect it. 

But enough about our philosophy, let’s get to the point. Here’s what to expect from our branding process. 

Our Branding Process
Often our branding process will go hand-in-hand with our onboarding process. They are both about understanding your company and figuring out what makes you tick. The difference is onboarding happens for every project we work on — everything from a new website to a video campaign. A branding session, on the other hand, will be the building blocks for a rebrand or a brand refresh (find out the difference here).  

You’ll want your top stakeholders and decision makers in this branding session. That being said, we suggest not inviting too many people. This can convolute answers and make the session drag on. Everyone’s opinions are important, but we want to be efficient with your time and budget. Plus, when we hear from the main players, we get to the heavy-hitting answers faster. 

Depending on the participants, this branding session could take an hour or it could take 3. We’ll introduce ourselves and then dig into the questions. This session could take a different direction based on the group. Sometimes we ask a lot of questions. Sometimes we ask one question and the ensuing conversation covers all the others. We come with a prepped list, but often what we ask will change if we catch wind of an insight. This is why we’re doing this session in person and without sending the questions beforehand. It means no time for your team to overthink or prepare. The more natural and easy-going the meeting, the better. 

Once we’ve let you talk yourself blue, we gather our notes, shake hands, and head back to our office. Now it’s time to digest. Our team looks over our notes, circle key points, discuss and build our vision. 

The Results
What do you get from all of this work? One hefty document. But more than that, you get a rock solid foundation. A place to look to when you have any questions about your brand, what you stand for, what font you should use, who is your target market. It’s all yours. It’s a piece that all the strongest brands rely on and it removes layers of confusion and hours of headaches over time. It’s any marketing manager’s best friend. And any brand’s bible. 

Ready for your own rebrand or refresh, or just have a few follow-up questions? Reach out and say hello.




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