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New Year. New Goals. Our 4 New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Happy 2023! 

As we start up the new year, it’s time to focus on our goals for the next 365 days. For a marketing agency, staying relevant and learning new marketing facets are vital as the industry is constantly evolving. The more we grow, the more we can grow our clients. Here are 4 new year’s resolutions we have made this year. 

Read More
Whether it’s marketing articles or strategy books, or just the top of the Best Seller list, consuming pages upon pages will ignite our creativity. By reading the latest in marketing and creativity, we’ll know where communications are headed. Strategy books will sharpen our minds. Books in general will fuel our storytelling capabilities and show us new perspectives. The more we read, the more we can share. 

Make More Video Content
Video marketing is more vital than ever. It’s such a great medium for telling your story and showing off your product or service. Whether it’s filmed on a Sony or an iPhone, video will move the needle. This year, we want to help more clients create video content. 

Invest in Employee Development
Growth is essential to any being great marketers. If our team isn’t learning, we’re not doing our jobs right. Therefore, we want to put extra emphasis on employee development this year. That could look like attending conferences and talks in our town and across the country or dedicating time to trainings and webinars. By investing this time, we’ll become smarter and more strategic. All good things for our clients. 

Give Back
We’re one gear in the machine that is our community. By providing energy to other organizations and efforts, we’ll fuel our region and contribute to its growth. Our goal is to have all of our team members spend time volunteering somewhere in 2023. 

So there you have it – our new year’s resolutions for 2023. By focusing on these goals, we hope to make this year better for us and our clients. 

Do you have big goals for 2023? We can help you accomplish them. Let’s talk about your goals and build a path to making them happen this year.