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Like Anything, Success with Video Begins with Goals – Creative Arcade

Earlier this fall we provided 3 Truths About Using Video in Your Marketing. We discussed the fact that video tends to come with a heftier price tag, but can be used in so many ways and delivered in so many mediums. This makes the payoff worth it as is the most emotional and one of the most universal mediums to deliver your marketing messages.

Let’s assume you were moved to take action from our post and you have decided to commit to video and what it could provide. Let’s also assume that there is a specific part of your organizations marketing that needs help and video could be used to deliver the message. Now what?

Define Goals
Like anything, there should be definitive goals set for any marketing medium. Defining goals typically means we are defining a way to show return on the investment.

With video, declaring a number of views for one or more than one videos is probably a good start. But be careful not to define something too abstract or too detailed. Views within a specified timeframe would be more in-line.

Within the broader category of having “goals” in video marketing, there are sub-sets of goals to apply to your videos that may help their overall success like:

  • Knowing your targets and providing videos tailored to them
  • Increase reach via social channels
  • Work towards engagement via social and email
  • Generate click throughs to your website or other online efforts

These can be just some of the sub-sets of goals that your messaging may want or need to do in order to fulfill the bigger marketing efforts you are trying to convey.

The beauty with video content online, is measurement. Measurement via analytic data will show value or that maybe the messaging needs to be tweaked or dropped in exchange for another message that resonates.

Video content as a medium provides some of the best engagement as it brings an emotional feeling unlike any other form of marketing. Seriously consider what it could do for you and your organization.