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Let’s Play: A Christmas-Party-in-February Party Recap

Soooo…our 2019 Christmas party kind of turned into a 2020 President’s Day party. And you can’t have a party without cake. So our first step was to head to the Restaurant 301 for a delicious lunch and mouth-watering flourless chocolate cake. 


After filling our bellies, we barreled ourselves through the negative 20 windchill to the car and drove up the hill. Where to next? We had the pleasure of working on Skyline Social and Game’s new website and shooting photography for it. Now it was our time to check it out. 




Upon arrival, we beelined it to the Hologate virtual reality area. We placed on our vests and headsets and dove into the game. After that, we grabbed some wings and beer and played some duckpin bowling. It was like mini bowling and each of us took a turn winning…except for Phil. 


Before we left, we couldn’t help ourselves and found ourselves back at the VR game. This time, we were being attacked by zombies and we definitely all died very quickly. And for your viewing pleasure, we captured our reactions. Enjoy! 

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All in all, it was a great afternoon. We got to mess around with VR and discuss the potential from a marketing standpoint and a, “What if we did this?” standpoint. Go check out Skyline, it’s super fun and also has a new conference room…and a pizza bar. Also get some of that cake at 301, too!