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Investing in Brand: Why It’s Important and How to Convince Your Boss

You love the company you work for. You’ve got great benefits, work with great people, have a good life. But when it comes to bringing your organization into the 21st century, you’ve hit a wall. Every time you bring up marketing and branding, you get the old standby: “We’re too busy already. Let’s just keep doing what we’ve always done.” 

Those are dangerous words, my friend. 

Why? Because business can turn on a byte. Today, business may be booming, but tomorrow things could change completely. So when it comes to convincing your boss or your colleagues to give a dime about branding, here are some points to bring up. 

Think Tomorrow. Not Today. 

You may be bustling with orders today. But what about tomorrow? Building a strong brand foundation and marketing plan leaves today’s customers happy, and brings them back tomorrow. 

Unexpected Competitor

More and more businesses are entering the marketplace. The Small Business Administration puts the number at 414,043 in 2015 alone. As the economy continues to rise, so will this number. These new businesses will most likely be pushed to invest in marketing by their bank. Which means their new business will be all bright and shiny, distracting customers from you. A strong branding presence will remind people who the leading expert is. 

New Technology

With every new era comes new technology. These days, it’s more like, well, days. As your company adopts new technology, marketing is a way to promote that. It’s a simple nudge that sticks in people’s brains. It keeps you relevant and makes sure that all those tech investments you made pay off. 

Stronger Foundation 

One of the biggest problems for older brands is loss of direction. Things have grown and changed so much since the establishment date. Conducting a brand consultation does just that. It brings all the main stakeholders in one room to discuss the business. Just for a few hours. Then you’re off to keep up with business. While we’re off doing our work. Then you get a document that lays out the foundation of your brand. All your ideas floating out there distilled into a clear and concise document.

Shows Staff & Customers You’re Around for the Long Haul

People who are confident in their employer are better workers. According to Jobvite,Recruiting costs are also reduced by a strong brand because time to fill is reduced and the best employees are more likely to stay for the long run.” When someone feels their workplace is a strong, permanent organization, they’re more likely to stay put. 

Saves Money Overtime

Like we mentioned in the section above, strong branding reduces costs. A strong brand means less work for your marketing and sales team in the long run. They’ve got the main message, now they just have to execute on it. 

Pinpoints the Right Customers

A branding session helps you define your main target audience. It saves you valuable time reaching out to the wrong people. This will make your sales team happy, and your profit margins happy as well. 

Builds Brand Equity

One of the strongest assets of branding is equity. It communicates trust. Add that to your top-notch product, whatever it may be, and you’re off to the races. Equity is what allows you to raise product prices and sell a company for a larger profit. It gives you credibility and durability. 

Now, It’s Your Turn

We’ve laid out our reasoning, but it’s your call. We wish you luck with talking to your boss, or if you’re the boss, good luck discussing it with your fellow stakeholders. If you need a pep talk, we’re always here. If you need a deeper dive into branding and its benefits, here’s our guide. Best of luck! We’re rooting for you!




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