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Introducing the Week x Week Series

Welcome! This is the very first edition of our Week x Week series. This is where we take a small scale approach to marketing during these [challenging, changing, unchartered, insert other popular “ch” adjective] times. We’re here to help you solve your marketing head scratchers. Each week will be a different mix of tips, tricks, and lessons. Some of our tips will be relevant no matter what’s happening in the world and some will be very time specific.

Let’s get started. Here the very first round of Week x Week:

Notice the Small Things
There’s never been a better time to appreciate the small things. A few extra followers and likes every week may not feel like much, but they add up. Large gains can be earned from paying attention to small details, like call to actions, landing page layouts, and visitor paths.

Online Ad Prices Are Dropping
Many companies are pulling ads during this time. That’s good news for you. It means that online ad prices are dropping, making it cheaper to connect with the right audience. Social ads on Instagram and Facebook can be super targeted so you can hit your target market straight on. And with more people staying home these days, more eyes are in these areas.

Moving Outbound Online
Maybe you were preparing to put out advertisements across billboards, but with a decrease in traffic, moving that creative online may be a better option.

But how does your campaign work online? Which platforms or websites are a good fit for your audience?

A marketing expert can help you figure out these answers. Remember, if your creative is strong enough, the idea will work anywhere. It’s just figuring out where your target is giving its attention and how your marketing plays out on that platform.

LinkedIn Introduces Polls & Live Events
Now, you can host live events for people and groups or learn more about your audience and their needs. How can you use this to market your business or organization?

That’s it for this week. We’ll be reporting back with more soon. If you have a specific marketing question you want us to answer on this series, email us. We’d love to hear from you.