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How to Use a Logo Properly


In a recent episode of the 8Bit Podcast, we discussed change as it pertains to brand identity. Mainly, we discussed the many possible situations where companies may be entertaining the thought of changing their brand identity or improving upon it. This also includes their logo or suite of visual marks that differentiates themselves from their competition and builds loyalty with their customers.

As a service to our logo and  brand identity clients, we provide a pdf that helps them know when to use their new logo and how to do it properly. What is a vector-based version and what is a raster-based version? When are they appropriate to use and why? When should I use a black version or a reversed, white version of the logo and/or the elements? For many marketers, this can be taken for granted, but is something that can make all the difference in ensuring that the brand essence is maintained. After the response to this podcast, we felt we should release this resource to the world.

This visual flow chart will help you make the right call, every time. As a marketer, you can download it and print for your wall or cubicle. Or you can simply keep the pdf as a reference and use when needed. We hope you will find this chart valuable.