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How to Ask for a Review [With an Example]

According to CMS Wire, 94% of customers check reviews before making a purchase.

But how do you get these reviews? To put it simply, you just gotta ask.

It’s a tightrope, though. You don’t want to be pushy, but you also don’t want those nice client thoughts to stay in those client’s heads. They’ll happily compliment your team and your work in passing, but are they willing to put it on a much larger stage, the internet?

Of course! You’re awesome and they say nice things for a reason. Instead of worrying about asking, concentrate that energy on how to ask. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Be Personal
    Make them feel like this isn’t a mass ask. Add details that only apply to them.
  • Respond
    Maybe the review isn’t stellar. That’s okay! This is your moment to show you care. Acknowledge their issues and offer ways to make them better.
  • Say Thank You
    No matter what they say, make them feel appreciated. They went out of their way to leave a review and that’s awesome.

Here’s an example:

Dear XXXXX, 

[Intro with personal, unique sentence] We love working with you and always appreciate your kind words. If you have a moment, we would love if you would leave us a review at one of the following: 

Thank you so much! 

*Keep in mind* Every brand has a different voice. The guts of the message should be the same but the way you present it should reflect your brand.

It Never Hurts to Ask
If you take away only one thing from this post, it’s this: it never hurts to ask. They may refuse, they may not answer. But you know you tried. Now, when someone brings up asking for reviews, you don’t have to say, “We should do that.” and instead say, “Done.” Just remember, try and keep up with reviews every year so you only have to ask a few people versus a swath of them.

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