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Growth-Driven Design 101

Too often, websites are treated as online brochures. Instead, they should be optimization-friendly tools that drive growth and customer understanding. That’s the thinking behind Growth-Driven Design. This concept is an agency-wide approach that turns the standard web development process on its head. Today, we’re going to explore this mentality and why we’re adopting it.

What is Growth-Driven Design?
This methodology leans on being lean and agile. Instead of a set it and forget it approach, you build a base site and then continue to expand and optimize the site based on data. This way you get a new site out faster and it grows and changes to meet your needs. Meaning you’re not laying out a large chuck of money every few years to completely overhaul your website. Instead, you’re creating a lean, clean, adaptive machine.

How does this all work?
There’s 3 parts to a Growth-Driven website. Let’s break them down.

The first stage is all about planning. During this time (usually 10-14 days), you’ll set your SMART goals, learn about your audience, and lay out a growth strategy. Setting out objectives helps the design team understand what is important and what needs to be fixed first.

Launch Pad
Your launch pad is your initial site. Instead of taking 6 months and your entire budget, this is usually built around 2-3 months. It addresses a few major problems your previous site had but is more of a framework. A majority of the budget would be retained for optimization.

Continuous Improvement
What’s great about this step is you’re not just learning about your audience to improve your website, you’re learning to improve your entire process. As your team harnesses the data and edits and expands your site, they also take those lessons and send them on to your other teams, such as sales, marketing, and management.

The process looks like:

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Learn
  • Transfer

This creates a site that is not just a poster for your business, but a growth tool.

Why are we embracing it?
The growth component. At the end of the day, you want your brand to grow and prosper. You want to solve more problems for more people. This web design methodology does just that. Your website is no longer just a selling tool, but an overall optimization tool. It allows you to react quicker to data, to dive into insights deeper, and plays well with our fast moving world. The future moves fast, now your site can move with it.

Want to Know More?
As you can see, this new way of thinking and designing holds a lot of potential. Especially if you combine these efforts with HubSpot’s new CMS Hub. If you’re interested in talking to someone more about Growth-Driven Design and its potential for your business or organization, connect with us.