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Part of the Grandma’s Marathon tradition – Creative Arcade

Canal Park is all hustle and bustle with the entire city of Duluth getting ready for Grandma’s Marathon this weekend. All the street lines are being repainted, all the weeds are being picked and the flowers being planted. There is no stone going untouched. The city is looking its best for this annual tradition!

Grandma's Marathon Tents

However, not only is the city getting ready, but all of the businesses in Duluth have started to prepare for the mass of people that will swarm into their stores for the weekend. It’s such a mix of chaos and excitement everywhere you look!

Grandma's Marathon Bleachers

Because Davidson Creative is located directly above the finish line, marathon officials are going to use our office space to time all of the runners. Just today we had a group in the building drilling holes to run dedicated internet lines for their computers. It’s so exhilarating being a part of this process and to know how iconic our location is to the marathon and this great city.