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Does Your Company Need Marketing Consulting? A Quick Guide

You feel lost. You’re fully immersed in your brand and it’s a bit overwhelming. You want to guide your company to more growth – but how? Where? What’s the right strategy?

You’re okay. Marketing is an ever-changing beast. As a marketing manager, you’re tasked with every little thing related to marketing and communicating. It’s a lot. You barely have time to sneak in lunch. (Maybe later, sandwich!) How do you take your brand in the right direction when you’re smackdab in the middle of it?

Get a 30,000-foot view.

This is what a marketing consultation can do. It’s way more than just taking a glance over your brand. We dig in. Surveys. Interviews. Qualitative and quantitative research.

Taking it all in, we dissect and analyze like a scientist. We build out an assessment that gives you clear guidance. It shows you where to put your energy and where to decrease your efforts. This process has helped countless organizations and businesses figure out their footing. Even better? It has made a lot of marketing managers look really really good.

Consulting’s Purpose
What is the purpose of marketing consulting?

You wouldn’t just buy a home willy nilly. You want to work with experts to ensure the paperwork is done correctly and the house is of good quality. You’d lean on realtors and inspectors to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Why is it any different for a business? It’s an asset thats worth grows when you invest in it.

Consulting helps you find the strengths and weaknesses in your business’ marketing plan. It unveils a clear path forward. Should you be hiring someone internally or should an agency handle it? Are you on the right social media platforms for your audience? Are traditional marketing tactics like billboards even worth it for your brand?

A consultation can help you answer all of these questions and more.




Who Can Benefit from Consulting?
Any business can benefit from consulting – whether it’s a midsize cabinetry shop or a large medical facility.

Marketing isn’t one size fits all. What you need to succeed depends on your size, scale, service, and industry.

A marketing consultation team can examine your brand with a magnifying glass. Then, they can lay out the next moves to best grow the business.

While every marketing strategy is different, they all typically have one thing in common: growth. The goal is to reach new audiences and gain new customers. If that sounds like something you’re after, consulting could be the answer.

When Should I Do Marketing Consulting?

Some people think you have to wait for a big change in the company. Not true. Whether you haven’t even opened your doors or are an engrained company, marketing consulting can be beneficial.

It gives you an in-depth peek into how your marketing is working right now and how it fits within the bigger goals of the company. There’s no bad time to do that.

So whether you’re ready to level up your business or wondering if you need to hire or just feeling lost in your marketing strategy, now is the perfect time for consulting.

What Do I Need to Get Started?
While every consultation is different, there are a few items you should prepare.

  1. Stakeholders
    1. The consultants will want to talk to the visionaries and decision makers for the company. You should be prepared to have them all together for a discussion.
  2. Prior Research & Marketing Strategies 
    1. Your agency will most likely ask for any marketing research and strategies from the recent past. This will help them see where you are and where you need to be.
  3. An Open Mind 
    1. Some of the marketing recommendations may come as no surprise. But some may seem out of left field. Don’t say no too fast. Some ideas you can let sit for a while. You may find that after some time, you may understand why they are a good call for the business.


Can I Say No to Recommendations?
Of course! A consultation document is not a binding document. It’s a guide of suggestions that would most likely improve your business. You are never required to follow them to a tee. Would we love it if you did everything we suggested? Yes. But we understand that getting things done is never as simple as 1,2,3. You skip around a bit. The closer you can follow the document the better though.

Ready to Learn More
Our team at Creative Arcade in Duluth has handled marketing consulting for businesses across Minnesota and around the country. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve done for others and learning more, reach out. We’re happy to walk you through what your personalized marketing consultation would look like and cost.