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6 Truths When it Comes to Blogging

If you read our previous about blogging, you’d know that it still works to draw in readers. And if we’ve learned anything from our experiences, it’s that consistent blogging has boosted our online presence. But blogging is competitive—practically every business has one.

So, what are the key take-aways you should keep in mind as you’re crafting your blog? Read on to find out.

1. People will say there are “rules”—but just find what works best for you

Practice, practice, practice. Write daily. Don’t write daily. Only write when you’re inspired.

Enough of that.

The truth is, every writer is different. Maybe you can only write for an hour each day, but in that time, you can craft a solid blog post. Or maybe you have to stick to a strict schedule like Stephen King; sitting in your same seat every morning, having your cup of tea, and pumping out pages of near perfection—no matter how long it takes. It’s all about finding what works best for you—the only rule is to start.

2. Blogging is all about the content

It never hurts to have a bit of extra time, energy, some solid writing skills, maybe even a little extra money spent on PPC advertising when it comes to crafting a solid blog post. But what you really need is awesome content. That should be your central focus. Valuable content that is relevant for your target audience—that being said, know your readers.

3. Choose a logo or visual brand identity for your blog

Blog posts and graphics go together like wine and cheese—they just work. Keep your blog visual and be sure to tie it to your brand identity—you have a powerful piece of copy, adding graphics or video will make it more shareable while setting you apart from blogs that may be similar to yours.

4. Write for your readers, not the SEO

While keywords are important for the SEO, what’s more important is focusing on content that will benefit your reader. The SEO won’t react to a CTA on your blog—your readers will. Make sure you are engaging with your readers every chance you get. Pay attention and reply to those comments!

5. Don’t spend your time focused on what the other bloggers are doing

You’re thinking about mimicking the writing style or including graphics like that travel blogger you admire because they have 10,000 people subscribed to their blog (not to mention, they look like they’re having the time of their life in Buenos Aires)— don’t.

You’re not them. Who cares if you have three people who’ve subscribed to your blog and one of them is your mom? What if they’re the connections you need to take your business to the next level? Invest in those relationships and be patient, it will take time to grow. Remember, you’re not capitalizing on your brand by imitating someone else.

6. Don’t seek “blogging advice”—seek feedback

Maybe you’ve subscribed to every blog out there to get little nuggets of advice, and while it’s great to read other blogs for recommendations, the truth is you don’t really need “daily blog tips” to help you with your own blog. The best thing you can do is learn from your readers’ comments, use their feedback, and retarget your efforts based on what they want to read. Share your blog on your social channels and voila! Learn and grow. Experience is the best teacher.

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