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How to Win New Fans: The 6 Marketing Must-Haves for Athletic Programs and Sports Teams

Are you ready to level up? Any athlete will tell you that making it to the big leagues takes a combination of strategy, performance, and persistence. Same goes for marketing. When you dedicate time, energy, and expertise into marketing your athletics program or sports team, it’s a game changer. You can score new fans and watch support soar. From on-target campaigns to strategic partnerships, marketing can make all the difference in elevating both the brand value and the visibility of your athletic program or sports team. How do you go from the bench to the big leagues? Here are 6 key ways.  

  1. Create an Authentic Brand Identity
    People rally around teams they believe in. That means you need to build a brand that’s true to its roots and uplifts fans. Every sports brand should establish its unique values, mission, and vision. To figure these out, you need to start some conversations and ask questions. Don’t just ask your stakeholders, ask your fans. Their answers will drive your results and ensure your brand feels authentic. A marketing firm like Creative Arcade can lead these conversations and then turn them into your Brand Discovery and Brand Identity. These items will provide you with your mission and values and branding elements like your logo and fonts. The results? A cohesive brand that looks professional no matter what. It’s what the big guys like Nike, Puma, and professional sports teams do. Why not you too? 
wvu basketball coliseum seating chart
  1. A Winning Website
    You need a home base (sorry!) for your fans. This should be your website. It should be easy to use and help them find your products, game tickets, and any other useful information. Your site should reflect your brand properly and be intuitive. Hiring a firm that does both websites and marketing is not a bad idea. 
  1. Engaging Social Media Presence
    In the digital era, social media has emerged as a winning investment for marketing athletic programs or sports teams. Leveraging platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok allows brands to connect directly with their target audience. (Just look at the Savannah Bananas!) Engaging content, such as behind-the-scenes footage, athlete spotlights, using trendy (and relevant) soundbites, and inspiring stories, can create a strong emotional bond with fans and customers. Regular updates, contests, and interactive campaigns also encourage user-generated content, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

  1. Influencer Partnerships
    Collaboration is key on a team. The same goes in marketing. When you partner with influential athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts, you enhance your visibility and credibility. Don’t just pick a person based on their follower count. Do some research. Do they align with your mission and values? Do they actually use your product? The right endorsement can lead to swinging success. A marketing studio or influencer firm can ensure you find the right person (or two) for the role.

  1. Well-executed Marketing Campaign
    Once your website and branding is cemented, it’s time to reach the masses. Gather up your marketing team and make a marketing plan. What is the one thing you want people to take away from your campaign? Once you have that, start brainstorming creative (and on-brand) ways to convey it. Keep your target audience in mind always. They will determine the tone you use and the platforms you place ads. Billboards near a stadium could be an answer – or digital ads targeted to a certain age and area could be just the ticket!
  1. Community Engagement
    Supporting your community isn’t just good to do, it’s good for business. When you sponsor local leagues, volunteer, and donate to different causes, you demonstrate you’re invested in your community. When they see you support them, they’ll more than likely support you. The bigger your community the better. 

Let’s Rally!

Ready to score new fans for your athletics team? You can make some big waves with some strategic moves. Invest in your branding, marketing, and website and you’ll be winning over people left and right. 

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