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5 Ways to Increase Your Site Traffic In a Small Amount of Time


Whether you have downloaded or read about SMART Marketing Goals, many wonder how to make some of the principals work for them. As a digital marketing agency, Creative Arcade has found that most marketers need to do one of three things and especially in how it relates to SMART Marketing goals:

  • get more visitors to their site
  •  get more visitors to convert into leads
  • get more leads to convert into customers.


With that said, here are some ideas on how to make the fist bullet point work for you:

1. Ensure you have a mobile friendly, responsive web site

The statistics are true. Over half of all web visits are now done via a mobile platform. Smartphones and tablets have enabled a connected culture that values an ongoing engagement with content via mobile.

Google factors mobile friendliness in its page rank. If your site is not mobile friendly, your competition is being ranked higher in organic (the free) results. Get your site mobile friendly as soon as possible to help increase the traffic to your site.


2. Keep your content fresh by writing and posting frequently through a blog (insert eye roll)

It’s been a commonly suggested tactic for many, many years. Blogging. It’s almost become an eye-rolling topic when it comes to web design and development. But one cannot deny the fact that frequent, relevant content is what keeps search engines coming back for more.

Your static content isn’t changing every day which makes it hard to rank high for similar types of content that your competitors may also be presenting. A blog gives your business and your website a chance to compete on a level that not only speaks to your expertise as a company, but also puts content in front of search engines and customers.

It is a discipline to stay on task, but a publishing calendar can help you plan out your topics and how it impacts the goals you have set.

3. Engage with Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn) and don’t forget to post to LinkedIn

Of course, social media has a huge role in presenting your company and pushing the right target personas to your content. Use social media to promote your website content. The beauty is that many types of content can be used across so many channels that points back to your website. For example, video content posted on YouTube can then be embedded on Facebook, shared on Twitter, Google + and many more.

LinkedIn is a great place to post content, but is often forgotten in a social strategy. Don’ t forget to make LinkedIn a strategic place to build an audience.

4. Optimize your web site for Google, but don’t forget Yahoo and Bing.

SEO work may be one of the first places to improve your traffic in the fastest manner. Performing an audit of your site pages and contentwill tell a very specific story regarding how and where your business is ranking. By analyzing and improving upon your current site optimization through best practices you will start ranking higher and, ultimately, found more often.

However, we often time spend so much time on Google we forget to include SEO strategies related to how Yahoo and Bing rank pages. These search engines place differing importance on things like social traffic and other factors different from Google. So ensure that you are thinking broader than just Google.

5. Target “Long-Tail” Keywords

Since we are discussing search engine related topics, its best to discuss targeting “Long Tail” keywords and ranking high for them. Long tail keywords are those that are more general in nature. Ones that are not influenced by other words paired with the long tail to become overly specific in search results.

For example, searching for “duluth graphic design” should bring up Creative Arcade on the first page (s) of the search results. However, simply typing in “graphic design” may be much harder to find Creative Arcade in the results. If one can rank very high for something more generic like our example, the more likely your site will be visited and also be more diversified.

SMART Marketing goals or not, gaining traffic to your website is always a great way to deepen the relationship between your organization and your customers and clients. If you need more ideas related to increasing traffic let us know. We would be glad to help you take the correct path.