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3 Truths About Why Video in Your Marketing Is Key – Creative Arcade

No matter what industry your business is, being a small business can be hard. With so many elements all having to magically revolve in and out of existence, requires hard work, determination and some creativity.

Spending your marketing dollars correctly is one of those elements and as much as we try, marketing can be one of the first things to be cut in a broader budget. Of course, rule of thumb says that marketing and advertising should not be decreased when things get tough, but this post is not about that.

Assuming that you continue to “stay the course” of your marketing plans (which we highly encourage) and the associated budgets, it’s determining WHAT will be the best use of your money. This may mean shifting gears from one tactical approach to another, but keep-on-keeping-on is what is important. For us, we believe that video in your marketing is one of the best investments you can make. Here are 3 truths about why video in your marketing is key:

It’s emotional
As human beings, we buy into emotion. It’s just in our nature. Whether it’s to share a story, influence an impulse buy or simply make us feel good, video is the closest thing to real-life in any marketing channel.

It’s universal
This is true in many ways. It’s universal in providing feeling and in how it is consumed. The beauty of video today is that the production of it can be as simple as using TikTok to using the latest and greatest pro-sumer DSLR cameras (which are really affordable). It also can be shared unlike any time in moving image history. This is why video has been deemed the future of content marketing.

Put video and your brand into use with marketing professionals and get ready to live! In comparison to other mediums, the cost of video will seem to be the most expensive. But take a step back and think about the value of that cost and it begins to make the most sense. A one day shoot might cost a small-ish fortune in comparison to other mediums, but many times that one day video shoot will yield many different messages and experiences that can quickly be edited into finished pieces over and over again.

It’s portable
A finished video(s) can now be used on your website, in presentations, in television advertising, on YouTube/Vimeo and in many forms of social media. The message can be tailored to the channel and unify the overall visual branding of your company. When one thinks about how many of these mediums reach different audiences, the ability to use its portability is maybe the most universal and effective.

Want to give video a try? In our next installment, we will give you some pointers on getting the most out of messaging in video and surprise, surprise, it starts with having goals.