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Meet Your Marketing Best Friend: The Advantage of a Content Firm

You’ve done your homework. You know you need to be keeping up with content. But who has the time? We get it. It is a balance of creating content for ourselves amidst client projects. If this situation resonates with you, it might be time to consider a content firm. Here are some reasons it will make your life easier. 

Content Is Their Focus

Yes, you can scramble together some content in between all your other tasks. But will it be worth your time and energy? Content only works if it’s given proper time and attention. People will see through something that is made half-heartedly. We’re not saying your heart isn’t well intended, it’s just stretched to its limit. Meanwhile, a content firm’s whole focus is content. They live and breathe it. This means they’re not only well versed in content best practices, but they also can create it efficiently. They’ve got all the content-making necessities. They just need your go-ahead. 

Saves You Money In the Long Run

When you have content experts on your side, your content lives longer. That means you create less content but get more longevity out of the stuff you create. This saves you time and money in the long run. Plus, your content team will understand how to schedule content to extend its life further. 

Analytics Experts

If they’re worth their salt, your content team will also have an analytics expert on board. They’ll be able to track your content and explain the numbers. They can also teach you basic analytics so you can understand the numbers without help. This person often moonlights as a web developer or strategist. Having a certification from an analytics site, such as Google, and from a CMS is also a bonus, such as SharpSpring. 

An Eye for What Works

During a shoot, you may be focused on getting the right shot. That’s great! That’s exactly what your goal should be. But a great creative team also keeps an eye out for great content. Often, the behind-the-scenes story is just as useful to your social content as your actual video. We always try to capture footage of our team during a shoot. These moments can be turned into great social content that’s used over and over. 

Understand Platforms

Content can take so many forms. Video. Blog post. Gif. Podcast. Your content team will be experts on how to spread one idea across many forms. This way you get the most out of one central idea. Less trying to push out ideas and more bang for every buck. The team will also have extensive knowledge of using these platforms and how they work together. Instead of trying to create a video using your HR guy, use your content team.

Creative Boost

You are so close to your business. That’s a great thing — but also a hindrance. It can blur your vision. Letting in a crew with a wider view of your work can shed new creative light. They’ll infuse a new spin and new ideas. This might be just the nudge your content needs to catch eyes and build conversations.  

It’s More Fun

While content should be useful and informative, it should also delight. When a content team is doing the heavy lifting, it leaves you to breathe easier and enjoy the content-making process. You’ll end up being more proud of the work and happier to share it with friends. 

Ready to Deploy? 

You know you need to create great content. Now is the time. Face the issue head-on and hire a content firm or an in-house content creator. If you’re interested in learning more, connect with us. We’re always up for a content challenge.