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Creative Arcade Tells All: Answering your Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to discover more about Creative Arcade? To celebrate International Ask a Question Day, we’ve gathered our team to tackle your hard-hitting questions. Hopefully, after today, all of your questions will be answered. However, if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be happy to connect

Alright, let’s get into it!

Do you sell old arcade games?

“No! It’s funny; we sometimes have arcade game salespeople call. They start rattling off what games they have to sell, and you can’t say anything for 20 seconds. Until they finally stop for air, we can chime in with the disappointing news that we are not an actual arcade.”

“Bottom line, please don’t drop your kids off here with a roll of quarters.”

How big is the Creative Arcade team?

“We are a mighty team of four at the moment.” 

“Phil and Jeff are the company’s co-creators. Phil has an extensive graphic design and marketing career, skills he utilizes in his current role as Creative Director. Jeff is an expert in web design, social media strategy, and digital placement. Maggie is our copywriter/content writer with a keen eye for creativity. Robin manages client accounts and is well-versed in proofreading and editing.” 

If you had to describe your company’s culture in three words, what would they be?

“Fun, curious, and transparent.” 

“We have a lot of fun at work. Someone *cough* Jeff *cough* is usually humming a song to pump us up, while others *cough* Phil *cough* make witty comments to keep us on our toes. Our curiosity drives us; we constantly ask questions, explore new ideas, and seek solutions. We are also transparent in that what you see is what you get. There is no fluff here; we operate with authenticity. We are consistent in our approach to our work, allowing us to deliver real results and effective solutions to our clients.”

What’s your most unique campaign, and what were the results?

“The COVID Ref campaign we did for St. Louis County during the pandemic was probably our most unique campaign. This was an awareness campaign aimed at educating the community on adhering to the COVID mandates that were in place at the time. What made this campaign stand out was our smart approach and unconventional concept. Despite the challenges of conducting most of our planning over Zoom and changing the script on the fly due to the mandates changing while we were filming, our creativity shined through with fantastic results. State representatives and health departments reposted our campaign. It got a lot of attention across various platforms.”

What sets Creative Arcade apart from other digital marketing agencies?

“Well, besides our name, location, and team…” 

“In all seriousness, as a smaller, tight-knit team, we believe we offer unique advantages. We are there with our clients every step of the way, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. We pride ourselves on the relationships we cultivate with our clients. With everyone wearing multiple hats, we’re nimble and can pivot quicker, thanks to our smaller size.”

How do you stay creative and innovative in an industry that’s constantly evolving?

“Coffee… We keep our edge by staying curious. We ask a lot of questions and conduct research to expand our knowledge, scouring the Internet, absorbing tutorials and webinars, and reading a lot.”

If your agency were a superhero, what superpower would you have?

“We think we would be like Elastigirl from The Incredibles. She can stretch her body to great proportions, morphing into whatever they need. Much like her ability to stretch and morph into various forms (like a boat and parachute) to meet the demands of the situation, we adapt our approach, skills, and creativity to suit the client or project needs. Like Elastigirl, we are durable and agile, using our versatile skills to solve problems head-on. We’re ready to stretch beyond boundaries and exceed expectations when delivering super-powered solutions.”

“However, we also share the same weakness; we will break in extremely cold temperatures.” 

How does Creative Arcade handle communication and collaboration with clients throughout the project?

“We communicate directly with our clients, and they typically talk to the people doing the work on your project. There is no middleman. Some of our clients may not have the time or desire to collaborate with us, while others are eager to engage in every aspect of the project. We will collaborate with our clients as much or as little as they want.”

What types of businesses benefit most from working with Creative Arcade?

“All of them! We work with a diverse range of clients, including those from marketing backgrounds and others who may not initially grasp the value of marketing. However, once we educate our clients on the impacts of marketing and deliver results, they see the power of our work. This often leads to our clients eagerly requesting that we do more for them.  Overall, we want our interactions with our clients to be the highlight of their day.” 

“Businesses who see the long-term vision will benefit the most from our work.”

What is the process for getting started with Creative Arcade?

“Morse code is probably the most effective way to get our attention. Otherwise, you can connect with us through our website or call. Once you reach out, we will schedule a discovery meeting to learn your wants, dreams, and hopes.”