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Creative Arcade Industry Spotlight: Non-Profits

Although nonprofits have a great mission, often centered on creating social impact rather than generating profit, the importance of marketing can sometimes be underestimated. However, effective marketing is crucial for nonprofits to raise awareness, attract donors, engage volunteers, and ultimately drive their mission forward. 

Why Marketing Matters for Non-Profits

Marketing for non-profits goes beyond just promoting events and fundraising efforts. It’s about telling a compelling story that resonates with people, creating a recognizable and trustworthy brand, and engaging with the community in meaningful ways. Let’s take a look at some reasons why marketing is indispensable for nonprofits:

  • Awareness and Visibility: Even the most impactful non-profit work can go unnoticed without visibility. Effective marketing ensures that the organization’s cause reaches a broader audience. 
  • Donor Engagement and Retention: Consistent and strategic marketing helps nurture relationships with current donors while attracting new ones. By showcasing the impact of donations, non-profits can maintain donor trust and loyalty. 
  • Volunteer Recruitment: A strong marketing strategy can inspire people to volunteer their time and skills, which are often as valuable as financial contributions. 
  • Advocacy and Influence: Through targeted campaigns, nonprofits can advocate for policy changes and influence public opinion on critical issues. 
  • Sustainability: Effective marketing drives ongoing support, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organization. 


Building a Compelling Website

A website is often the first point of contact between a nonprofit and its audience. We have the skills to craft a well-designed website that serves as a hub for information, engagement, and donations. 

Case Study: Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation 

The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation (DSACF) is a cornerstone for communities around Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI. When they needed a website update and an interactive annual report, we eagerly took on the project, turning it into a valuable learning experience. DSACF wanted to make grants and scholarships more accessible. We developed a user-friendly search database and a grants page with a calendar for application deadlines. The result is an efficient and accessible site that serves the community better.

Launching Effective Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are targeted efforts to achieve specific goals, such as fundraising, awareness, or advocacy. We’ve created the secret sauce for developing and executing successful campaigns. 

  • Define Clear Objectives with a Specific Goal
  • Know Your Audience
  • Multi-channel Approach
  • Monitor and Adjust


Case Study: Head of the Lakes United Way 

The United Way Capital Campaign is crucial for raising significant funds and making a lasting impact on the communities it serves. To boost donations, the campaign needed to resonate both locally and nationally. We stepped in to help, and our approach was so effective that our work was used for two consecutive years. Nationally, United Way was using the “What do you fight for?” campaign. We tailored this theme to our region by engaging with volunteers, leaders, and beneficiaries of United Way’s programs. Each person shared their unique story, highlighting the vital role of the United Way. The videos we produced showcased these narratives, emphasizing the tangible benefits of the organization’s work. In addition to the videos, we developed print materials that complemented the campaign, reaching a broader audience. Our efforts successfully supported two Capital Campaigns, enhancing United Way’s mission and impact.

Developing a Strong Brand Identity

Branding is more than just a logo or a tagline; it’s the perception people have of your organization. A strong brand identity helps differentiate your nonprofit and build trust. 

The core elements of branding start with the mission and vision. These statements guide your brand and communicate your purpose. With the support of a logo, colors, and typography, we create a visual representation of your brand. Using the mission, vision, and logos, we bring them to life with a consistent voice and tone in all communications. Consistency, engagement, and transparency are the keys to building brand equity. 

Case Study: Northland Newborn Foundation: Yeti Tour

Yetis raising money for babies? It’s true! The Yeti Tour is an annual snowmobile race that supports the Northland Newborn Foundation, and it needed a legendary identity to match its name. We were chosen to bring this vision to life. Our first focus was the event’s vibe. The Yeti Tour raises funds for families with newborns facing unexpected health challenges. Despite the serious cause, the event is about joy and doing good—after all, it’s a snowmobile race. 

We created an epic logo and marketing materials that captured this spirit. From posters and raffle tickets to t-shirt designs, we infused every element with a sense of joy and adventure. Whatever Yeti needed to spread the word, we crafted. Since its inception, the Yeti Tour has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, significantly impacting families in need. Building this brand was a delight, but watching their success has been even more rewarding.

Case Study: Northland Newborn Foundation

A great company deserves a strong brand identity; the Northland Newborn Foundation is no exception. Dedicated to supporting the health of babies and families in northern Minnesota, Northland needed a brand that truly represented its incredible mission. Our designers and strategists eagerly took on the challenge. 

We began by engaging with Northland Newborn’s key stakeholders to understand their vision and values. Our brand strategists then crafted a brand vision while our designers sketched out ideas. The result was a logo and brand identity that exuded warmth and comfort, perfectly embodying what Northland Newborn stands for. Once the identity was established, we developed supporting materials, ensuring the brand shone across stationery and marketing pieces. The client loved the final product and took pride in sharing it. Northland Newborn relies on fundraising events, each with its unique identity. We created distinct logos and branding for events like Bouncing Babies, Savor du Nord, and Yeti Tour, ensuring each had its own look and feel. We cherish this brand as if it were our own and are proud to see it thrive, continuing to support families in northern Minnesota.

Cohesive Marketing Strategy

A cohesive marketing strategy is crucial for nonprofits as it ensures a unified message, enhancing visibility and credibility. By aligning mission and goals with targeted marketing, nonprofits can effectively engage donors, volunteers, and stakeholders, building trust and increasing support. Consistent branding maximizes resource efficiency, making every marketing effort contribute to the organization’s mission and objectives. 

Case Study: Pheasants Forever 

Marketing a national nonprofit like Pheasants Forever requires a cohesive vision. Thanks to our efforts, Pheasants Forever consistently meets its fundraising goals each year. Pheasants Forever is a national nonprofit dedicated to developing habitats and sustainable futures for pheasants and quails, having protected 187,000 acres of natural habitat. To continue their vital work, they host numerous fundraisers and promote their mission through strategic marketing. Our task was to spread the word while capturing the spirit of the organization. 

We’ve designed numerous fundraising invites for major events like PheasantFest and Call of the Uplands. Each invite reflected the organization’s mission and the excitement of their events. Pheasants Forever aims to cultivate legacy givers, encouraging people to become land stewards by donating. We created compelling print ads that captured the thrill of hunting and the joy of exploring wild lands, driving engagement and support. Through invites, magazine ads, and event materials, we’ve helped Pheasants Forever attract more supporters to its cause, ensuring the continued protection of the nature it cherishes.

The transformative power of a robust marketing strategy for nonprofits is a game changer. As we’ve witnessed firsthand with our clients, effective marketing goes beyond mere visibility; it cultivates trust, fosters engagement, and gains support from donors, volunteers, and stakeholders alike. Whether crafting compelling narratives, launching strategic campaigns, or developing strong brand identities, our work plays an essential role in driving a nonprofit’s mission forward and ensuring its long-term sustainability. 

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