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Creative Arcade Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

We have years and years of experience working with various healthcare facilities. You could say we know healthcare marketing quite well—it’s in our blood. 

We are continuously striving to push the boundaries to deliver impactful campaigns. From recruitment challenges to community engagement and brand building, our journey with our healthcare clients has been transformative.

Revolutionizing Recruitment

Recruitment in healthcare goes beyond filling positions; it’s about attracting passionate talent. 

When Fairview Range sought to recruit physicians, we challenged their traditional direct mail approach. Using lifestyle photography and direct language, we invited physicians to consider Fairview Range and the Iron Range. We also turned out a video series showcasing that you could practice breakthrough medicine while having access to breathtaking outdoors. 

The result? A successful recruitment campaign that resonated with top-tier candidates. With over 3000 click-throughs and 262k impressions, we successfully filled four hard-to-fill positions. 

Building Stronger Community Connections

In response to the evolving needs of its growing community, Grand Itasca aimed to deepen its ties with residents while highlighting its dedicated employees. They reached out to us to enhance their brand visibility, uplift employee morale, and reinforce the hospital’s commitment to quality care. 

We created a campaign emphasizing that Grand Itasca is more than just healthcare – it’s a family. The Peratalo family was the perfect example of the community-centric ethos Grand Itasca aimed to showcase. We sat down with Lindsey Peratalo, a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Grand Itasca, and her husband and brother-in-law, both physical therapists, to display the interconnectedness within the Grand Itasca family. 

Highlighting Human Stories

Behind every healthcare service are dedicated individuals making a difference. 

Through heartfelt testimonial videos and the #We’reHere campaign, we showcased the human side of healthcare, fostering connections between Fairview Range and its community. Their employees’ selfless actions and unwavering dedication exemplify what it means to be truly present for their patients and colleagues. 

So, how do we show that passion? We surveyed the employees of Fairview Range, and the results were incredible. So many of the employees had unique stories and hobbies. We used the employees’ stories and hobbies to portray the most important part of what makes Fairview Range what it is: the people. 

The campaign was a smashing success. We found that people were excited to engage with the campaign because they personally knew the folks in it. 

Promoting Care in a New Community

After opening a new location, Northlakes needed to establish a strong presence in the Marinette community, emphasizing its inclusive, comprehensive healthcare services and welcoming atmosphere. To achieve this, they partnered with us to develop a strategic campaign that included engaging social media posts, eye-catching digital ads, and impactful billboards and print ads. These efforts were designed to build brand awareness, highlight the variety of accepted insurance plans, and showcase the services provided. Through this multi-faceted approach, we successfully communicated their “Care for All, Close to Home” message, ensuring the Marinette community felt informed and welcomed. 

Bridging Creativity and Healthcare

In an industry often perceived as clinical, our approach blends creativity with functionality, ensuring healthcare communications are not only informative but also engaging and accessible. We humanize medical information through powerful storytelling, making it relatable to patients and families.

We’re not just marketers but storytellers, innovators, and advocates for change in healthcare marketing. Our journey with our healthcare clients displays the transformative power of creativity, technology, and strategic thinking in making a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and communities.