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Creative Arcade Industry Spotlight: Government

Breaking through the noise to engage your community isn’t just a challenge; it’s an art form. 


There’s no doubt that government agencies face unique challenges in engaging with their audiences. From promoting public service campaigns to designing user-friendly websites, they must navigate complex situations while maintaining public trust and fostering community engagement.  


At Creative Arcade, we get it. We’re here to offer creative solutions that truly make a difference.  


Tips for Effectively Reaching and Engaging with Target Audiences


Understand Your Audience

The cornerstone of any successful marketing is knowing your audience. For government agencies, this means pinpointing the community’s specific needs and concerns. Leveraging data analytics and surveys can reveal valuable insights into the demographics and preferences of your target audience. Armed with this information, we craft messages that resonate and drive engagement. 


Case Study: St. Louis County Medical Renewal

During the pandemic, the annual renewal requirement for Medical Assistance was waived, but it returned in 2023. In St. Louis County, fewer than 50% of households completed their renewals, prompting the county to seek help improving their messaging to increase renewals. The goal was to raise awareness that people on medical assistance need to renew their coverage on time or face losing it altogether. But how do we make our messaging stand out and captivate our audience’s attention? 

We knew we had to step outside of the box for this campaign. Imagine meeting your future self and receiving a crucial reminder. That’s the inspiration behind this concept. We produced four videos to capture the various calls to action the community needed to hear. We envision “Average Jill” encountering her 2024 self, urging her to renew her medical assistance. It’s informative yet delivered in a fun and engaging manner. Instead of being boring and informative, it was attention-grabbing and entertaining. 


Create User-Friendly Websites

For many, a government website is their communities’ primary point of contact. It needs to be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and accessible. Key information should be readily available, and the design should offer a seamless user experience. 


Case Study: City of Edina Extranet

City officials, police, public works—every city has multiple departments working to keep it safe and running smoothly. The city of Edina tasked us with creating a single platform where all departments could connect. We developed the Edinet extranet, an internal website featuring access and communication portals for various departments, which earned the 2020 Northern Lights Merit Award.

Five years later, Edina needed to move Edinet to SharePoint. Due to our strong relationship, they sought our help again. We partnered with Bluenet to create version 2.0 of the Extranet, enhancing its design and extendability. Additionally, we provided training to ensure new employees could use the system effectively.  


Educate without Being Bossy

With such a diverse audience, it is important to effectively share your message without telling people what to do. Not sure where to start? No worries, we have the experience to help. 


Case Study: All It Takes Is Immunization

During the pandemic, fewer families came in for check-ups. Leading to decreased vaccinations across St. Louis County in Minnesota. We were instructed to devise a message that would gently remind people that getting kids immunized is important and shouldn’t be postponed. When it came to conceiving solutions, we knew people were sick of hearing about vaccines and sterile messages from hospitals. 

So we sang a different tune. Literally, we turned our message into a catchy song. It reminded people of all the potential diseases and the importance of vaccines. Instead of being boring and bossy, it was bright and memorable. Before the campaign launched, 8 out of 10 vaccination stats were below the state average. After the campaign ran, all eight were at or above the state average. 


Reliable. Secure. Helpful.

People want these qualities in their government, big or small. We can deliver this on many fronts. We’ve built award-winning websites and created impactful marketing campaigns with one thing in common: helping communities thrive.

Government agencies need to serve the people effectively. Whether it’s a public service campaign or a new website, we’re experts at providing creative solutions that stand out but don’t stir negativity. You work so hard to make the place you live better; let us make your life easier.