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Creative Arcade Industry Spotlight: Fitness/Sports

You know that feeling you get when the game starts. That rush of excitement races through your veins. We get it, too. 

We’re avid sports fans. When we’re not talking marketing, you’ll find us going over last night’s game. This passion has led to some awesome collaborations with sport-centric brands. From UWV Athletics to local hockey camps, we’re here to ensure your marketing is winning you new fans.


Give them a brand to rally around. 

It’s the passion that connects people from every background to rally around a team. Branding and marketing play a big part in building this fandom. It creates a cohesive presence across everything the brand touches. Whether you need an updated website or a logo refresh, we’re game.


Reach New Audiences while Maintaining Your Fanbase

Rebranding doesn’t mean starting over. Instead, we take the elements your loyal customers love and add a new twist to attract new audiences. By thoughtfully updating your brand’s image and messaging, you can tap into new demographics. The key is maintaining the core values and essence your current fans love while introducing fresh elements that resonate with a broader audience. This delicate balance of innovation and consistency can rejuvenate your brand’s appeal, creating excitement and curiosity among new prospects and long-time supporters.


Case Study: Destination Fitness 

We embarked on a rebranding journey for Destination Fitness, focusing on reaching a new audience while retaining its original members. We rallied around the word “destination,” which evokes feelings of striving to be one’s best self in the best place, encapsulating the goals, effort, and commitment. This concept inspired us to embrace the image of a flag on a map, continuing the play on the word “destination” in a simple yet powerful way. 

With the new logo and look in place, we tackled the challenge of increasing membership. We began by redesigning the website and then enhanced their social media presence by sharing engaging videos of workout classes. This gave Destination Fitness an edge in a competitive marketplace. 


Continuing a Legacy

What happens when your brand is rooted in a strong legacy? How do you adapt to an ever-changing environment? At Creative Arcade, we believe it’s about building relationships.  When entrusted with a strong brand, our first step is understanding its origins, values, mission, and historical milestones. By doing so, we are solidifying our foundation for future strategies. This deep-rooted knowledge helps preserve the brand’s essence while evolving to meet contemporary needs.  


Case Study: West Virginia University Athletics 

West Virginia University, a beloved community staple since 1867, boasts an athletic program that is the stuff of legends. It features 18 collegiate sports, Big 12 Conference status, and a Hall of Famer coaching its men’s basketball team.

Our challenge was to continue the legacy of this well-established and cherished brand. We began by immersing ourselves in WVU Athletics’ mission to empower student-athletes to develop as leaders and achieve their full potential academically, athletically, and personally, encapsulated in the term Mountaineer P.R.I.D.E. (People, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence). With a deep understanding of the brand, we translated WVU pride into design and production. From posters and logos to collateral and banners, every piece celebrated WVU’s storied history and limitless future, staying true to its detailed brand identity.


Support For the Long Run

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint, right? Using that mindset, we build our clients’ websites to meet their current needs and support their future needs. Just as a marathon requires endurance, planning, and resilience, a successful website requires a foundation that can adapt and grow over time.

Our designs are scalable, allowing for seamless updates and expansions as your business evolves. We incorporate robust, flexible frameworks that can integrate new technologies and features, ensuring your website remains relevant and competitive.


Case Study: Grandma’s Marathon Website

Running a marathon is no easy feat. Neither was building a new website for Grandma’s Marathon. The new website we created was designed to accommodate the diverse needs of various events throughout the year, such as marathons and fun runs along Lake Superior. It offers extensive customization options, including plugging for dynamic navigation based on seasonal and device-specific needs, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our new site for Grandma’s Marathon can handle high traffic volumes (thousands of visitors) during major events while also spotlighting other races throughout the year.

Grandma’s works closely with the Young Athletes Foundation. Therefore, we utilized a subdomain for the Young Athletes Foundation to maintain clarity and organization, ensuring separate yet integrated content management. Additionally, a rotating sponsorship wall effectively highlights sponsors, enhancing visibility and recognition. Overall, the new website aimed to enhance the overall experience for participants and stakeholders alike. We might be a little biased, but Grandma’s Marathon may just be the best marathon website in the entire world.


At Creative Arcade, we blend our love for sports with our marketing expertise to create compelling brand identities that resonate with new and loyal fans. By deeply understanding each brand’s unique story and value, we balance tradition with innovation, ensuring the essence of what made the brand great continues to shine. 

Ready to elevate your brand? Contact us today, and let’s build your legacy together.