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Service: The Single Most Important Pillar to Your Marketing

Did you know that 60% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience? Staggering? Perhaps. Surprising? No. Too often, companies underestimate the service pillar when it comes to marketing, and why? Because they are too focused on just creating content or just closing a sale. While we […]

6 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Sales

Not meeting your goals when it comes to sales? Hardly seeing any ROI? Thinking, what is it going to take for my target audience to give me a chance? See if you’re making any of the following blunders when it comes to how you’re selling so you can start connecting with your target audience.

Friction: What’s Keeping You from Your Goals?

We’ve all gotten frustrated while working with companies when we’ve just wanted to make a purchase. Whether it was dealing with their terrible customer service line, not having the ability to make a purchase online, or simply struggled to find the submit button, we’ve all known the struggle. We’ve preached a lot about the flywheel […]